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    Photoshoot Weekend

    Here are the rest of the photos Roy and I took last Saturday.

    Accessories on me are my Forever 21 Eagle Wings necklace I got from USA and a Love connector ring also from Forever 21 I got 2 years ago.

    We found a swing nearby and decided to put it to good use. It was however, lacking of a wooden plank I could sit on. So the entire time I was sitting on the rope, which was honestly quite uncomfortable. After a while, I felt some wet drops on my jeans and thought it was the rain. But I looked up and realized there was some brownish sap dripping from the tree branch. Rawr the tree was probably pissed at me or something. The brown liquid stained my white tank and my jeans :(

    Later, we decided to drop by Ikea (Alexandra) and have some nice meatballs for our hungry stomachs. I changed into a pair of H&M Black shorts and was ready to go! We headed to the cafe first for some yummy meatballs but the meatballs tasted bad and they weren’t even round. Nooo, Ikea you can’t do this to all your loyal customers.

    You can see me goofing around below. Ikea is probably the only place you can act cute and behave like a kid and nobody cares.

    On the left: me being denial in “my” walk in closet. On the right: A pretty lip cushion that I chanced upon but a pity my room is too small to hold any more huge soft toys.

    A girl who does not take a second look at herself is not a girl. – Me


    This entire post is filled with my pictures I should end this with…. an unflattering picture of my boyfriend and I:)

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