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  • ReLEx SMILE Surgery @LasikParagon Level 13

    In this post, I will be sharing about my ReLEx SMILE procedure that I underwent over a month ago @LasikParagon Level 13.

    Good bye geeky glasses, I will miss you not!

    Why I hated my glasses and contact lenses?

    Since I was 8, I was diagnosed with myopia (short-sightedness) and had to wear glasses every single day of my life. What did that also mean? It meant I looked like a studious little girl. (Please refer to picture above) I hated that wearing spectacles made me look younger. The worst part of it all? I could never find a nice pair of frames that could sit on my face without emphasising on my nose. Some frames were too big, some were too thick. Ugh, I just never found the one. And this is also why you would rarely see me post photos of my bespectacled self on my social media platforms.

    At about 15 years old, I discovered contact lenses that made me look better and less nerdy. Despite looking good in contacts lens (i.e without glasses), I hated all the hassle of wearing contact lenses. Whenever I went out in contact lenses, I had to always remind myself to bring:

    1) My glasses
    2) Contact Lens casing
    3) Contact Lens solution

    They were all necessary in case my eyes got tired from wearing lenses for over 6 hours. Most of the time, my eyes turned dry and vision got blurry so I had to remove them when I was outside.

    Also, whenever I was overseas, I would bring an extra pair of contact lenses just in case I lost my current pair of lenses due to water activities or having them tearing halfway during my trips. If anything were happen to my contact lenses, I would have to wear glasses throughout the rest of my holiday and not have nice photos. 🙁

    As a water activities lover, I always had to close my eyes tight whenever under water because I was afraid of the waters causing my contact lenses to come off. Yep, imagine being half-blind in the middle of the ocean. Not cool man!

    Alas, I have finally bade adieu to spectacles and contact lenses! I had my ReLEx SMILE Surgery done @LasikParagon Level 13.

    Prior to the procedure, I went for my first consultation which took around 2-3 hours where I had eye evaluation tests done to confirm if my eyes were healthy and suitable for corrective surgery. I had to lay off contact lenses 3 days before the consultation to ensure my cornea was of its usual thickness (contact lenses alter the shape of our corneas) before the eye assessments could be done.

    After the consultation, I was confirmed that my eyes were suitable for ReLEx SMILE! Yay!!!

    What is ReLEx SMILE?

    Bladeless, flapless, and micro incision refractive eye procedure that corrects visual problems such as short-sightedness & astigmatism. ReLEx SMILE has minimal post-operative discomfort and the primary advantage is that there is no need for the creation of a corneal flap.

    How is ReLEx SMILE done?

    1. Numbing eye drops will be applied to the eyes.
    2. A gentle suction device holds the eyes in place comfortably.
    3. The laser treatment is initiated and takes approximately 30 seconds to precisely create a refractive lenticule.
    4. Thereafter, a micro incision of about is created.
    5. The doctor extracts and removes the refractive lenticule through the micro incision
    6. The micro incision will self heal without requiring any stitches

    The day of my operation came and of course, I was scared and nervous!! Would it be painful? Would it be scary? Would it be burning? I had so many questions running through my mind. However, the entire process was smooth and took less than 15 minutes for me. It was sooo quick and painless! My worries were totally unfounded. After the procedure, I went home, took the sleeping pills and fell asleep for about 4-6 hours. Guess what? I woke up to clear vision in the evening! It was THAT fast. My vision was still a bit blurry and but I could mostly do normal stuff like walk around the house and watching TV. I was told to sleep with the eye shields to protect my eyes when I sleep, in case I rub my eyes.

    The very next day, I went for my post-surgery follow-up appointment. 

    We did some eyes tests and…. I had clear vision already! It was 6/6 and I was told it could take up to a few months for my vision to stabilise and get clearer as days go by. I had a week off work and when I returned to work, my vision would get blurry when I stared at the computer screen for too long. This was normal and it doesn’t happen much now after a month has passed.

    I had to stay away from eye makeup for a week and not wash my face & hair for 2 days after the surgery. Well, I just stayed at home basically and it was a good respite from work and social activities.

    And so, after battling with myopia and astigmatism for 18 years, I am proud to say that I now have 6/6 vision!!

    It has been a great three months post-operation and I just cannot emphasise on how much I love waking up happily to clear vision everyday. I open my eyes and the first thing I always look at is the clock on my wall. I no longer have to search for my specs frantically on my bed while being half asleep. I no longer have to be ugly in glasses. I no longer have to face contact lens woes!!

    I am so very thankful for ReLEx SMILE, it is truly one of the best things that happened to me.


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    Can i check how much is the Relex Smile surgery at Paragon medical centre?

    August 20, 2016 at 5:21 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hi J!

      You can check out the pricing with @lasikparagon directly. They will give you a more accurate breakdown. 🙂

      September 5, 2016 at 11:54 am

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