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  • Reliving my summer memories – Part 2: Miami

    After spending a few days in New York, we flew to Miami! Omg I know right, haha like when you think of Miami you think of CSI or Miami Ink. Let me tell you that place is.. really dangerous! The streets are filled with tattoo parlors and weird people. And not everybody speaks English there, I think the main language of communication is Spanish. Not too sure but yea I guess the best thing there was none other than Miami Beach!

    15th June 2011

    Just take a look at our place haha and the mess on the floor. I swear I create mess everywhere I go, even while travelling! I pity both my friends for having to put up with all my shit thrown everywhere on the floor.

    Had to walk through these streets of shops leading to South Beach.

    Oh yes I’M IN MIAMI BITCH.

    The beach looks.. like this. The entire stretch of powdery white sands and clear blue water. I would die to go back there again πŸ™

    I don’t know to be thankful or be sad that I’m born naturally tanned.

    Goodbye Miami Beach, I’ll be back again!


    16th June 2011
    The next day, we went to Dolphin Mall and Aventura Mall.

    Taking the bus to Dolphin Mall.

    The bus.. looks just like any bus in Singapore, except the interior is blue. Oh and there is free Wifi on the bus how awesome is that! I think Singapore should have free Wifi, no I don’t mean like wireless@sg where we have to log in to use the free wifi. Then again I guess it’s for security measures. Okay no complaints.

    The sun was scorching hot I was so burnt, especially my nose area πŸ™

    We randomly walked into an art gallery and saw an artist working on his new canvas painting.

    All the different sorts of paints and what nots.

    The hot weather called for some ice cooling frozen yogurt! Okay this yogurt place is like where you order different fruit flavours of yogurt and they will use real fruits, dump them into the yogurt machine and churn out real fruity yogurt for you. Talk about freshness huh. I think I had passionfruit or something I can’t remember but I know I could even taste the seeds in my mouth.

    I don’t have much impression about being at Dolphin Mall except that I got a really cheap Mango bag at USD 20 and the scorching sun.

    Dolphin Mall is not an airconditioned mall. It is located outdoors with just a lot of shops lined up on a piece of land.

    Next we went to Aventura Mall and guess what we saw? The Cheesecake Factory homg I swear they make the best cheesecake on Earth!

    With Pooh – Roy got it for me on our first month right before I left for the US. I brought it everywhere I went and took pictures with it at iconic places. I think I was more afraid of losing the Pooh than losing my wallet hahaha.

    Pooh posing with The Cheesecake Factory signage.

    I think this was Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake and please ignore Allen’s hairy legs tyvm.

    And presenting to you.. The world’s best cheesecake!

    It is so humble looking but do not judge a book by its cover and therefore, do not judge a cheesecake by how it looks. Every single bite of this cheesecake oozed awesomeness. I don’t know why there is always whip cream by the side when you purchase cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory. Am I the only suaku who has/had never seen whip cream with cheesecake before?

    A tired looking me trying on the best cheesecake in the world! Random but eeks my hair was so short a year back!
    That night, we initially planned to check out the clubs near South Beach, which is the most happening area in Miami but some drama happened. Let’s just say we were unfortunate haha, the police were called and we immediately changed our accommodation to Miami International Airport since we were leaving in a two days’ time.


    17th June 2011
    We went snorkelling at Key Largo! Hehhe it was my first time snorkelling πŸ™‚ We took the Greyhound and got lost somewhere in the middle of the freeway (aka expressway). I’m sorry I don’t have high resolution photos because I didn’t bring my camera along. Pictures are from Allen’s iPhone.

    Camwhoring before we got down into the waters.

    We had to take an hour long boat ride into the sea.

    Some briefing session before we went down. It was low tide, extremely low. The coral reefs were just right beneath my feet and if I tried to stretch our my legs upright (in standing position) I would step on them and kill them all. It was definitely a good experience swimming right into big schools of colourful fish. Now I wish I had an underwater camera then to capture those moments.

    I am an aunty I can’t deny.

    I like how my arm is strategically placed to cover my tummy.

    That marked the end of my Miami trip. By the end of the three days, I was totally sun burnt. My nose especially! I guess that’s because it is the most prominent part of my face T.T

    Goodbye Miami, hello Los Angeles!


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