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    Valentine’s Day 2013 – Salt Grill & Bar Ion Orchard

    Wow wee~ How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you spend the day walking around town with a bouquet of flowers in your hands? Or did you spend it over dinner with a few close friends? Or did you spend it alone, munching on chips in bed and talking to your pet dog? For me, I spent it in bed with Roy… WATCHING THREE MOVIES. It was a movie marathon day for us because we were still recovering (mentally) from the car accident and were too restless to go anywhere.

    We watched 500 Days of Summer, The Fierce Wife and Upside Down. Yes we were THAT nua on Valentine’s Day. Hmm.. We see each other every single day and love being around each other. I guess this really is, “如果爱对了人,每天都是情人节”.

    The following Saturday, Roy brought me to Salt Grill & Bar by celebrity chef Luke Mangan at Ion Orchard. 🙂 Hee, I thought he didn’t plan anything but he did!

    When I took my seat, the first thing I noticed was the stunning unobstructed panoramic view of the city, lots of lights and lights shining in the night. I was like wow, I didn’t know Singapore looked so nice in the night.

    Lucky us got the window seats. Oh by the way, the restaurant was fully booked on that night and Roy was placed on the waiting list. He called at 6-ish and they said there was an available slot at 915pm. So remember to reserve your seats! Salt Grill & Bar is really popular!

    The restaurant is located at level 55 while the bar is one floor above at level 56.

    For appetizer, we ordered the Pan Seared Scallops..

    Pan Seared Scallops, Black Pudding Sausage, Crushes Peas, Red Wine Reduction $32

    I MUST SAY WE BOTH LOVED THIS SOOOO MUCH WE WOULD HAVE ORDERED ANOTHER PLATE OF THIS IF WE ARE FILTHY RICH. Sadly, we aren’t. But this dish is a definite must try!! I love the combination of the black pudding sausages with the scallops. This dish totally won us over.

    I had the Lamb Cutlets 200g, Maori Lakes New Zealand, grass fed $67

    Felt that the marination for the lamb wasn’t enough, and it didn’t go well with the lamb meat. The red wine jus helped a bit though, but overall, the dish was not up to my expectation because the appetiser was simply too amazing. I had my hopes up high and was a bit disappointed with my main.

    Roy ordered the Australian Snapper, Bell Pepper Salsa $49

    He really liked the bell pepper salsa and couldn’t stop singing praises about it. I generally don’t like bell peppers so yep. But the grilled snapper was good, I can’t deny.

    Well, for drinks.. Sorry I’m not wine connoisseur so I took water instead haha. Maybe I should consider some wine appreciation classes. I did attend a wine appreciation session in Aussie once but the Scottish lady serving us was too amusing so I didn’t pay much attention. Half the time I was wondering what her brains were made up of, if you get what I mean. ANYWAY just for your information, the water costed $12 per bottle.

    To end the night, we had Crème brûlée with Salted Caramel Ice Cream $15 for dessert.

    Overall, I would recommend this place for a nice, quiet and romantic date. Anniversaries and birthdays too. The ambience and the scenic view are enough to wow you over.

    Oh and another good thing about this restaurant is.. it serves Australian cuisine so that means the menu is entirely in English, HAHAH so you won’t have a hard time deciphering the dishes on the menu.

    Will I go there again?  Yes, for the scallops again!

    Accessibility: 5/5 Excuse me, it’s at Ion!!

    Taste: 4/5 all thanks to the scallops once again.

    Service: 3/5 

    Overall: 4/5


    Salt Grill (Ion Orchard) is located at:

    2 Orchard Turn
    #55-01 / 56-01 ION Orchard
    Tel: 66816703 (don’t forget to make your reservation)

    Dress is from Shoplabellavita.
    Belt: Blue faux leather belt with gold filigree $2 from BKK!! Pratunam wholesale market
    Shoes: JC Foxy inspired.
    Bag: Accessorize
    Watch: Solvil et Titus

    I think maybe I should start wearing more dresses and dressing my age so people will start treating me seriously. Otherwise, people always think I’m a 18 year old teenager. Hahah.

    An unflattering picture of me.

    Thank you baby for all that you have given me. I know the past few weeks have been tough on you, and I want you to know that I will always stay by your side no matter rain or shine. And it doesn’t matter if we are sitting comfortably on a BMW or squeezing with the crowd on the MRT because I’ll enjoy everything as long as I’m with you. 🙂



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