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  • Seoul Itinerary Blog – Day 4 Everland

    On Day 4 of our Seoul adventure, we headed to Everland Themepark! Other than Everland, there is a Lotte World, which is the world’s largest indoor themepark. I did some research and decided to only go for Everland as Lotte is expensive and is more suitable for children. Everland is outdoors and we could get up-close to small animals so Everland it was for us!

    Korea Day 4 - Porridge 1

    Our breakfast was traditional porridge at a porridge join near our place. Korea Day 4 - Porridge 4 Korea Day 4 - Porridge 5

    Every bowl of porridge came with side dishes and a bowl of purple soup. Korea Day 4 - Porridge 2

    Roy ordered the Shrimp porridge, while I had Chicken Porridge pictured below.Korea Day 4 - Porridge 3

     I’d say the porridge is very different from the ones we have in Singapore as ours is more watery while the consistency of the porridge in Seoul is thicker. The portion is quite big so if you’re not too hungry, then I would suggest sharing a bowl between two people. Korea Day 4 - Porridge 6

    I can’t read the name of the shop accurately. I think it says, “Jon Mun Jum” but couldn’t find any information related to this shop on Google. There are plenty of porridge shops in Seoul so I think you can try others!

    After a hot comforting breakfast, we made our way to Everland! Here is how you can get to Everland:

    1) Take the train to Gangnam Station
    2) Exit at Exit No. 10.
    3) Walk at least 200m to the bus stop. It was not near the exit and was quite a distance way. So keep a lookout for the landmark shops to locate the bus stop.
    4) Take Bus No. 5002 to Everland. You can pay with your T-Money card or cash. The bus journey was around 45mins – 1 hour. You can take the time to have your breakfast or take a nap.
    5) Alight at Everland Bus Station and transfer to the free shuttle service. Follow the crowd walking to another bus stop.  The free Shuttle Bus takes only 5 minutes and you will alight at the front of Everland.
    6) When returning, take bus 5002 towards Gangnam back. If you are unsure, just ask the bus driver if he is heading go Gangnam. You don’t want to take the wrong bus at 9pm at night in a foreign country.

    Here are the shops that will help guide you to the bus stop to take Bus 5002 to Everland.

    Everland - 62

    If you see Massimo Dutti, you are still farrrrrr away from the bus stop. Continue walking!Everland - 63

    You will also see Lush and Aritaum along the way.Everland - 64


    Everland - 1

    When we reached the bus stop, 1 bus just left so we were the first in line. Lucky us! Because that means we will secure seats for ourselves for the long journey. Everland - 2 Everland - 3

    The queue starting forming.Everland - 4

    After a long wait, our bus finally came! Yay!Everland - 5

    I obviously slept too much on the bus lol. Check out my messy hair.Everland - 6

    But was still very happy to be there hehe! Everland - 7

    Testing out our lens bokeh. Not bad huh!Everland - 8


    Everland - 11

    We went through the entrance, paying a discounted price for the tickets. I had gotten a discount coupon online but forgot to print it out. But at the ticket office, they asked if we were foreigners and extended the discount to us still! You can find the discount coupon here:

    If you are travelling from now till end of September, here is the discount coupon for you:
    Everland discount

    Opening hours:
    Mon – Sat: 930am – 10pm
    Sun: 9am – 10pm

    Everland - 9

    Look at the centre buildings. They were fake! Just printed cardboards hahaha.

    Everland - 10

    We got a map and I started planning our route. My main aim was to go to the Petting Zoo as we could get up-close with baby animals awwww. But little did I know that the Petting Zoo was located at the other end and I would have to go past many attractions before reaching. Everland - 12

    Of course, the first thing to do when in a theme park was to get a cutesy headgear! Thought this was too big for me.
    Everland - 14

    This sheep/ram one was cute hehe but I didn’t buy it.Everland - 15

    I ended up with this..

    Everland - 13Everland - 16

    It was drizzling slightly but that was not going to stop my camwhoring. Everland - 17

    Lots and lots of flowers on display!Everland - 18

    Everland - 19 Everland - 20 Everland - 21

    We walked past the pirate ship but I was like NOOOO. If I didn’t write about it before, I have a very very weak hard and I faint on such rides. Yes my heart is a loser haha. Everland - 22

    There was also a carnival where you can play the claw machines.Everland - 23

    Yeah the drizzle came again so I put up my hood and was analysing the map upside down. I was really looking intently at the map hor, not act one.
    Everland - 24 Everland - 25 Everland - 26

    It was a Tuesday so there were not many people. But we did see a lot of primary school students who came with their teachers. There were also quite a bit of local teenagers in home attire so it could be holiday period.

    Everland - 27

    Our first ride was a kiddy helicopter-cycle haha.Everland - 28

    I was hoping to get the pink one and we did! Cheap thrill man.Everland - 29

    This was the view from above. Everland - 30

    Our next ride was the huge carousel! Everland - 31 Everland - 32Everland - 33

    We also later took some mini roller coasters and other rides. But didn’t capture them down so sorry!Everland - 34

    It was parade time and we happened to be on the streets. So we could catch a good view of the dance performance. Honestly, it was nothing impressive but it was fun to see happiness light up on people’s faces.

    Everland - 35

    Then there was this little girl who was part of the parade but she looked so unhappy and reluctant hahah. Everland - 36

    The drizzle started getting heavy and we went to get ponchos. The young kids were all covered under their raincoats as well.Everland - 37

    The boy on the right saw Roy capturing photos of them and he did the 😛 face. HAHA so naughty!Everland - 38

    We later had lunch at a Chinese restaurant within Everland. This was Cantonese Style Chicken with Rice. Looked horrible and gross but it tasted fine actually!

    I had a tummyache during this meal and was sad to leave my food ‘cos I had to rush to the toilet which was quite a distance away. 🙁

    Everland - 39

    Yes it was quite chilly that day.Everland - 40

    I think I went to Everland to camwhore only la HAHA. Not there for the rides at all lol.Everland - 41 Everland - 42

    Just check out the sea of flowers behind. It was Tulip season I think!Everland - 43 Everland - 44 Everland - 45

    Flowers and more flowers.Everland - 46 Everland - 47 Everland - 48

    At the water fountain area. Everland - 49 Everland - 50 Everland - 51

    You can also take the Thomas train for a trip around the whole park.

    Everland - 52

    We also caught the Madagascar show.

    And we finally reached the Petting Zoo!! But it was closed due to bad weather. 🙁 The only animals I saw were guinea pigs and rabbits. Feeding time was over so we didn’t manage to feed them too. Everland - 53 Everland - 54

    We joint the Lost Valley tour where the bus driver drove us into the enclosure to see tigers, lions and bears up-close!!Everland - 55

    We were so near this magnificent white tiger.

    Everland - 56 Everland - 57

    The bear could listen to the commands of the bus driver and perform tricks.Everland - 58

    Everland - 59

    It was dark by then and the lights came up. You can also take the Sky Ride (similar to that of Sentosa’s). It only starts operating after 7pm. Everland - 60

    Very pretty decorations.

    We made our way back by taking Bus 5002 back to Gangnam. Hungry, tired and poor… till we chanced upon this shop called Pomato. The prices were inexpensive so we went in there to try. There were many locals in the shop so we trusted that the food would be good.

    Seoul Pomato(picture from:

    Everland - 61

    We saw a lot of people ordering this Cheesy Noodles dish so we had that as well and THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST FOOD I HAD IN SEOUL. I really miss it now. T_T We didn’t get to see any Pomato shops during the rest of our journey.

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    Hope you enjoyed my post! If you have any questions regarding Everland, feel free to ask.

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