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  • Seoul Itinerary Blog – Day 3 Namsan Hanok Village | Itaewon | Dong Dae Mun

    On our third day, we woke up late and were grumpy. We left our house thinking it wouldn’t be very cold but we were so wrong! The moment I stepped out of the lift, I regretted and went back up to grab my parka. We had a brief breakfast somewhere near our place.

    Seoul Day 3-1

    Nothing worth writing about because food wasn’t good.Seoul Day 3-2 Seoul Day 3-3

    Our first stop of the day was to Namsan Hanok Village, which is only a stone’s throw away from our house!

    Seoul Day 3-4 Namsan Hanok Village-1 Namsan Hanok Village-2

    There is no admission fee to the place.Namsan Hanok Village-3 Namsan Hanok Village-4 Namsan Hanok Village-5 Namsan Hanok Village-6 Namsan Hanok Village-7 Namsan Hanok Village-8

    We joined in the fun by playing their traditional games.Namsan Hanok Village-9

    Got sick of taking pictures halfway.

    Namsan Hanok Village-10

    Okay maybe not, let me strike an act chio pose.Namsan Hanok Village-11 Namsan Hanok Village-12

    Namsan Hanok Village-13

    We spent around 1 to 1.5 hours at Namsan Hanok Village and off we went to Itaewon! Itaewon is a place largely populated by westerners and expats. The first thing I came across after exiting the subway was Lady M! Yeah of course this place is for the westerners, Lady M is from New York.

    I’ve never tried Lady M in Singapore so I gave it a try here.

    Itaewon -1

    I love the whole vibe of the place, with the white washed walls and soft music. Itaewon -2

    We ordered a Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake because it was selling out fast.Itawon -3

    Couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the crepe!Itawon -4 Itaewon -5

    It was soooo good, Roy and I both loved it!Itaewon -6

    Yeah camwhore time.Itaewon -7 Itaewon -8

    As previously mentioned, Itaewon is very popular among westerners so the entire place has a very caucasian atmosphere. Just look at the Santorini Taverna restaurant below:Itaewon -9Yep, really thought I was transported to the US or something.

    Itaewon -10

    The inner streets were empty so we took the opportunity to snap some photos, heh.Itaewon -11

    Itaewon -16

    The streets are so picture-worthy right?? Anyhow take also nice one. haha. Itawon -5

    Stopped by some angmoh looking restaurant again. Itaewon -12

    Itaewon -17

    Our stomachs were growling by then and we stepped into a random Ahjumma restaurant. I had pretty high hopes for the food since the place was run by aunties but the food wasn’t nice at all… T.TItaewon -13

    Yep this is me when I see food.Itaewon -14 Itaewon -15

    Even the side dishes weren’t nice! Itaewon -18

    Roy in his Ah Beng shirt hahaha.

    Itaewon -19

    Itaewon -22 Itaewon -20

    The food looked pretty decent but were a big nono! See you never again~

    It was getting late so it was time for us to head for some midnight shopping at the legendary Dongdaemun! There are many shopping malls located at that area and they open till late so you can go at 12am and still shop around.
    Itaewon -21

    The first mall we saw was Doota. Hmmm, Doota is filled with local Korean designer brands so the clothing are all very pricey. They go for at least $80 and above.

    Dong Dae Mun - Doota

    The layout reminds me of La Fayatte in Paris. I think people who are very fashion-conscious will like this mall as there are many cool looking and edgy stuff. Dong Dae Mun -Doota2

    Dongdaemun map

    Then we went to Migliore, Hello apM, Good morning City and Fashion Mall U. AND CAME OUT EMPTY HANDED HAHA.Dongdaemun-2

    I don’t know which mall this was already, we were just walking aimlessly.Dongdaemun-3

    We came out for some food and saw the famous corn biscuit filled with Vanilla soft serve. It was pretty good!


    Yeah just one of those malls again.Dongdaemun-6

    Here are the reasons why I didn’t buy anything at Dongdaemun:
    1) The pricing is ridiculously expensive. Each piece of clothing go for at least SGD30-SGD40. To pay SGD40 for a piece of crop top is a major no for me.
    2) The sales people are VERY PUSHY. They will keep calling out to you, snap their fingers in front of your face even when you ignore them, and they will follow you till the escalator. WTF
    3) Once again, the pricing is too expensive. Some of the bags I saw there are sold in our Singapore pasar malams and they were selling for SGD80. I could get them on TB for less than SGD20.
    4) Don’t trust the Made in Korea label because some of the things are obviously made in China but they changed the tag.


    The most rewarding stuff about that night was this super tasty Gimbap we got from a street vendor.Dongdaemun-9

    And the fish cakes on stick were all that we needed. Seoul had been kind on my pocket thus far. Didn’t shop for anything except my New Balance kicks. The rest of my money were spent on food. 😀

    We went to Everland on Day 4 and it was full of fun! Can’t wait to share it with you guys. 🙂

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