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    Hello it’s the weekend again:) Been looking forward to every weekend ever since work started so I can take a breather. But I’m heading back to office this evening later to settle some things before I jet off to Europe in 2 days! Hehe, so before I go, I would like to introduce www.veritajoy.com to you girls and A CHANCE TO WIN A TIFFANY & CO NECKLACE I KID YOU NOT!


    Veritajoy offers premium quality apparel straight from Korea! It’s true, I’m their model and I have personally tried on their clothes. The quality is top-notch, which is a lot different from other online stores out there. While their price range is on the slightly higher side, their clothes material is really good! The material makes up for it 🙂 I have modelled for some shops that said they got their clothes from Korea but the quality wasn’t as good as this one. Some were even quite sheer. For Veritajoy, the owner handpicks a selected few designs from Korea, ensuring that they are of outstanding quality before she puts them up for sale.


    The top I’m wearing is the Aurora Diamente Blouse, let’s take a closer look!


    It comes with a string of diamente on the neckline, adding some sparkle to your outfit. You can actually detach the diamente! But I just added decided to leave it there because I like the subtle presence of it. Not forgetting the lace capped sleeves!


    I think lace makes every outfit more feminine! When I wore this in the office, Roy’s mom was like, “I like this one I like this one!!” And she couldn’t stop raving about my top, hehe. Later on in the night she said this, “We share clothes okay? I want to borrow your top when I go for dinner next time then you bring for me okay?” haha. So you can see this top is very safe for meeting the parents session.



    My next favourite piece of apparel must be the pants! I am a sucker for comfortable clothing so I prefer wearing shorts/jeans/pants/long dresses over skirts sometimes. Beside, I can’t wear revealing clothes to work so this floral pants is perfect for me:D It’s called the Lively Floral Skinny Pants in Blue and IT IS SELLING FAST ON THE WEBSITE!! It is also available in White as well.

    130531095242_Picture 821_zoom


    For their upcoming collection tonight, they are launching a few pieces such as,

    Picture 452 (Copy)I’m loving the embroidery trimming details. The shorts has scallops + embroidery details, so nice!

    Of course, good things are meant to be shared! Quote “keline10” during your checkout and enjoy a 10% your first purchase. Promotion lasts till 31st of July 2013.



    8 more days till the first lucky winner gets to walk away with a Tiffany & Co necklace! When I first saw the owner taking out the necklaces (note that this is plural form SHE IS GIVING AWAY QUITE A FEW NECKLACES) from her bag and preparing to shoot them, I thought she was selling them. I asked, “wa you’re selling Tiffany & Co on your website?” And she said, “no, these are for the like & share winners.” I was like, WHUT?!?!

    Omg so make your first purchase and cross your fingers! I hope any one of you lucky readers can walk away with a Tiffany & Co necklace! It’s new one okay!


    Shop at Veritajoy.com now!! Remember to key in “keline10” for a 10% discount:)

    Heading out now to accompany Roy for a haircut at my hair sponsor, ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu at Far East! 😀


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