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    Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset

    Made a trip down to Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset to get a new hairdo for the new year!

    Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset

    Quote “Keline” to get 10% off chemical services with my stylist, Jerry.


    My new hair stylist is Jerry and he is awesome posum! If you are an active blog reader, you should see him being featured on other blogs as well. When I first went there, Jerry took a look at my hair and asked if I was willing to snip it away.

    shunjimatsuo313-3 shunjimatsuo313-2

    Yes I was and so I got 4-5inches of hair off my head. My head feels a lot lighter now! Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m blessed with thick hair and it’s tiring to take care of my hair. Especially when I need to rush out of the house in the morning but I need to spend 15 minutes to blow dry my hair. Ugh. The time taken to blow dry my hair is longer than my morning shower and makeup routine I swear.

    After the haircut, Jerry proceeded to pre-treat my hair for the perming session. During the curling session, Jerry was very meticulous and dedicated in ensuring that the perms are equal and curled to perfection.

    When the perming was done, I chose a reddish tone colour for my hair as my previous one was leaning toward brown/greenish tone. Some people told me my previous colour made me look even darker. So I opted for a brighter colour.

    Finally the last step was of course, treatment! It’s always good to do some treatment for your tresses especially since girls blow dry/temporarily curl our hair very frequently. All the heat involved is actually very damaging to our hair if you don’t use the right products to protect your tresses from the heat. And here’ s my new hair!


    Ta da, soft curls with reddish tone colour. I think a look a lot more demure and my age now haha. I’m 24 this year and people need to stop mistaking me for 18.


    A picture of my busy hair stylist after a long day! Pardon my messy hair as I combed it through before taking a photo. Thank you Jerry for your dedication and good job! See you next month!

    Roy and I went to Ngee Ann City for dinner. I was already feeling full as Roy delivered Shiling chicken and Koi for me during my hair session eheh. Full of love!!


    So I sat there and watched him eat.

    Time to camwhore with my new hair!!!

    shunjimatsuo313-13 shunjimatsuo313-15

    shunjimatsuo313-16 shunjimatsuo313-17 shunjimatsuo313-18

    shunjimatsuo313-19 shunjimatsuo313-20

    Love the soft wavy look at the back. I hate my straight hair and thank God for the existence of perming technology.

    Ending this post with a….


    I love my hair so much I decided to substitute oxygen with my hair. kthxbye.

    Don’t forget to quote my name “Keline” to enjoy 10% off chemical services!

    Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset is located at:
    313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
    313@Somerset, Singapore, Singapore 238895

    DID : +65 6238 0226
    DID 2 : +65 6238 0227

    Follow them here:

    Instagram @shunjimatsuo


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    You look so much more refreshed babe! 😀

    February 7, 2014 at 11:19 pm
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