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    Shunji Matsuo Ngee Ann City | My new bangs!!

    One of the biggest decision in my past 3 years of life was to decide to snip my long fringe off, reason being I’ve had my long fringe for a long time now and was starting to get sick of it. Also, I was starting to bald on the centre parting so it was finally time to get ride of fringe. It was a scary decision to make initially but I entrusted my dear hair to Junichi, a top Japanese hair stylist at Shunji Matsuo. And he didn’t disappoint! (Of course, he’s Japanese! haha.)

    Last Sunday, I made a trip down to Shunji Matsuo Ngee Ann City for my new haircut. I met Junichi, who was already standing at the reception waiting for me. So paiseh! We briefly said hi and went into the salon. I told him I wanted bangs so he flipped a few pages of magazines for me and asked what kind of style I wanted. Lol, it was quite funny because he has only been in Singapore for a few weeks and couldn’t speak English fluently. But he made sure I knew what he was getting at and even got another Japanese hair stylist (who has been in Singapore for more than 20 years) to translate for us. Junichi was really nice and gentlemanly.



    Last picture of my centre parting! Goodbye hair!
    shunjimatsuo-ngeeann2 shunjimatsuo-ngeeann3

    In a few minutes, tada!! My bangs!!

    shunjimatsuo-ngeeann4 shunjimatsuo-ngeeann5

    Junichi was trimming my ends off as I have quite a fair bit of split ends. Uh oh, I actually haven’t been conditioning my hair for a while. :/


    When the fringe was cut, Junichi did fringe perm for me. I always wondered how some models have perfect fringe and yuan lai it’s fringe perm! Call me sua ku but I never knew this existed. As my hair is naturally very very straight, I didn’t want my fringe to stick to my forehead so Junichi suggested fringe perm for me. Here we go!


    Lol I look like I’m wearing a turban. The towel was there to absorb the excess chemical which they used on my fringe while perming, making sure it doesn’t hurt my eyes.shunjimatsuo-ngeeann8

    Went to wash off the chemical after 15 minutes and this was when they were blowing my hair. It’s taking shape!



    Hello bangs!


    Junichi did a bit of curling for my hair.


    This was a candid shot when I was trying to fix the camera settings in my camera.


    Thank you Junichi! I’ll miss you when you go to Wisma T.T (Idk why he’s not smiling in this photo but he is really friendly and warm in real life!!)


    With the new bangs, I’ve been receiving lots of comments that I look more refreshed and younger now. I take all these as compliments so yay! The one thing about having bangs though, is to worry about it splitting in the middle or anywhere when taking photos. That’s the only thing I have to get used to. I love my bangs! Do you? 😀

    SHUNJI MATSUO HAIR STUDIO Ngee Ann City is located at:

    Ngee Ann City, Podium B #05-23,
    391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
    Tel: 6238 1522/1514

    If you wish to have Junichi do your hair, find him at:

    Wisma Atria, Isetan B1
    435 Orchard Road
    Tel: 6836 6567

    Shunji Matsuo Facebook


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