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  • SLICE – The Pizza Reform

    Wanted to try out Strictly Pancakes last Saturday after shoot but it was closed by the time we got there at 3.45pm 🙁 The other time we went there, it was closed too. I was grumpy and tired so we settled for something quick at SLICE.

    A grumpy me while waiting for my pizza to be served.

    Check out these cute Tobasco sauce bottles hehe they are only a dollar each!

    Pizzas ready to be sent to the oven!

    Hawaiian Holiday which was mehh. My pizza crust was hard and cold, I think they took it from the display cabinet and heated it up before serving.

    Roy’s Pepperoni and Ham pizza which tastes a million times better than mine. It was freshly baked from the oven.

    The food was oookay but I won’t head there if I’m craving for some good pizzas. The food definitely did not taste as great as it looked. It is good for a quick bite though. I think they should spend more time improving their quality of food than on their branding hurhur.

    We headed to Vivo City after our late lunch and I went shopping at Daiso again! Haha, I bought myself 2 boxes of my favourite eye lashes and a hell lot of others things like Hello Kitty contact lens casing, scrapbooking acrylic stamps (!!!), etc. If you haven’t read my previous Daiso post, you can refer here: ^^

    A sneak peek of the shoot I did last Saturday:

    Will post the pictures up soon.

    Woot! It’s my last week of internship and I can’t wait for my holidays to start. Holidays mean I can have more time for myself, I think I need a breather from all that working, rushing, and shooting. I’ll be sleeping in all day, snacking and catching up on dramas.

    I’m sure this week will zoom past pretty fast. Have a good week folks! xoxo.

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