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    Dropped by SHEA @ Orchard Central the other day to check out the various lines of handmade body products they carry. And I must say that SHEA brings a lot of surprises! Every step I took in the shop was like a discovery to a new skincare product for better, healthier skin.

    Let me bring you a tour around the store! When I explored the shop, I was first greeted by vegan soaps that look like cakes fresh out of the oven.

    If you are following me on Instagram @urbandollsg, you would have seen this. ūüôā

    There are soap cakes by Bomb Cosmetics UK. Omg I swear they all looked so yummy, anyone would have easily mistaken them as real cakes. These are literally mouthwatering!

    To the right of the cake soaps were long soap bars from 1)¬†You’re Gorgeous (Wales)¬†embellished with flowers and fruits.

    These log soaps are created via the traditional cold process method entirely by hand. Woah, imagine all the efforts put into these.

    My my, I have never seen these before. You may call me sua ku but I was really in awe the whole time I was in the store. Just look at those rose petals!

    Hiakhiak cutting my own soap bars!

    Look, I was busy smelling all the soaps, listening to Jagdeep attentively and reading the description.

    BATH BOMBS! From 2) Bomb Cosmetics UK.

    Just drop these cute bath bombs into your bath tub and you’ll smelly extremely good when you come out of the shower. These are good for 2-3 times use depending on your usage. Now I wish I have a bathtub to try these at home!

    Cupcake Bath Blasters!

    This was the Bomb Cosmetics UK shelf where I stood the longest at because the attractive packaging and the fragrance from the products.

    Body & Lotion butter – I think with these, you don’t need any perfume anymore because they just make you smell soooo good!

    Totally yummilicious bath scrubs! These are lightly grained oil-based bath scrubs good for weekly exfoliation sessions. I have a Blackcurrant Body Polish which I have not used because I wanna take a picture of it first!

    So much pampering for the body, how can we ever forget about our faces? I brought home one of these, Rosy Cheeks. I hope it really does give me rosy cheeks because I have dull skin haha. Sometimes Roy comes really close to my face and I’ll be freaking praying that I don’t smell of thick makeup, or oil, or the char kway teow I just had for dinner, or anything UNPLEASANT. I think after using this, I’d be like “COME AND SMELL MY FACE ALL YOU WANT IT’S SO SMOOTH AND SWEET-SMELLING.”

    Last product I am gonna introduce from Bomb Cosmetics today would be SOAP PAINT. Haha these are so fun to play with, it’s ideal for kids. Especially when they don’t want to shower! My nephew screams and wails whenever he has to shower so I think this would be a good think to trick him to bathe! They also have a full range of shampoo.

    Moving on to 3) Nyassa from India!

    The fragrance of Nyassa soaps are stronger and more masculine in my opinion. They are more suitable for guys. I took the marine one home for Roy because it smells musky and manly, and yet not overwhelming heh.

    Pure. Natural. Handmade. Nyssa’s bestselling products are the anti hair fall and anti dandruff oil. Those with hair problems might want to check these out.

    For those with sensitive nose or prefer soaps without fragrance, don’t worry, there is something for you too! This is 4)¬†Le Serail all the way from France~

    Savon De Marseille has been a traditional handmade soap made from vegetable oil for over 600 years. Only soaps that are made in the Marseille area are allowed to use the name “Savon de Marseille” – which means Soap of Marseille. Le Marseille is the only remaining soap factory that produces these soaps the good old traditional way. Pure, traditional french soap without fragrance.

    Vanilla for me please!

    Last but not least, for the people with really delicate, dry or sensitive skin, here’s presenting you 5) The Speciatly Soap Shoppe from Queensland, Australia.

    These bar soaps are handcrafted from ingredients like pure goat’s milk best suitable for dry skin. They do not contain SLS, parabens and EDTA! I have really dry skin, especially on my limbs so this would be useful for me. The honey range of soap is good for acne-prone skin as honey is a natural anti bacterial ingredient. The Oat’s milk provides good enzymes for clearing the skin.

    With Jagdeep and his wife. Thank you guys for having me and giving me an in-depth tour of the store.

    SHEA prides itself in bringing you luxury handmade soaps made from quality and natural ingredients. The best part about SHEA is not only the healthy skinfood, but the price tag that comes along with it. Prices are relatively friendly for the pocket and the products are GREAT AS GIFTS! I now have a new store I can visit when I want to get something for my loved ones and friends. You know how sometimes you have to crack your brains thinking of what to buy for your friends because they seem to already have everything? Yep, I feel you. I think the best gifts to buy for friends are practical things that your friends can use, instead of buying expensive stuff that your friends might not use and end up chucking them aside on their tables.

    Here are some facts about SHEA:

    • All products are vegetarian
    • Products are handmade
    • No animal testing

    I brought home a lot of shower products from SHEA and can’t wait to try out & share my experience with you guys!!

    #B2-47/48, Orchard Central,
    Orchard Road, S238896
    Tel : (+65 )62381690




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