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    Stop Domestic Abuse

    I recently came across this CCTV video footage where a husband brutally beat up his wife in their own boutique shop. Honestly, it was traumatizing. You can view the video here. I don’t wish to embed the video in my blog because I hate fights, any kind of fights. I dislike violence and I don’t think anybody should inflict physical harm on anyone unless it is for self-defence. After watching the video, I went to search for the wife’s Facebook and saw her album where she uploaded photos of bruises all over her body. I feel so sorry for her plight – 1) that she has to withstand her husband’s beatings. 2) she is pregnant. This case of domestic abuse happened in Malaysia.

    Today I saw this article on Facebook where the abusive husband came out and explained his case.

    He claimed that the marriage was good in the beginning, but was eventually soured by the presence of his mother-in-law, whom he claimed was a disruptive influence.

    He believed that Fong’s mother played a prominent role in influencing her daughter’s behaviour and for driving a wedge between them.

    Note that he keeps shifting the blame onto his mother-in-law. Erm so now you’re telling me that because of the presence of your mother-in-law who sowed discord between your wife and you, resulting in “bad romance” in your marriage, therefore you have the right to beat your wife? Just because there is unhappiness in your marriage?

    He claimed that in May, while using his wife’s iPhone to use her web browser, he stumbled upon a series of messages between Amanda and another person. The messages, he claimed, were affectionate and personal in nature.

    “I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react to this, so I spoke with her grandmother,” he claimed.

    He claimed the both of them then confronted Amanda, who tearfully confessed that she had been having an affair. She claimed the other man was an Ipoh-based Datuk, who was then revealed as the source of her wealth.

    Whether or not your wife committed adultery, you do not have the right to physically abuse her the way I saw in the video. No woman in the world deserves to be treated like that, even if she is mentally unsound, or clinically diagnosed with depression, or hysterical, or attention seeking, the way you labelled her in the article. Men need to treat women right, for fuck’s sake. Seriously. I CAN NEVER accept a man beating a woman. No man should ever think of inflicting physical harm on a woman.

    I am sorry but I don’t think anyone who has seen the video can accept your explanation.

    And the reason why I feel so strongly for this poor girl (she is only 19) is because I had been through something similar as her. Not that bad but yes I had an ex-boyfriend slapped me for something he did wrong. Yep, haha this is my sob story. If any of my readers are facing similar situations as well, please, I beg of you, ditch this person and leave. Never look back, never. You will find a better someone out there, someday somehow like I did.

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