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    STRIP IPL Underarm Treatment Review

    Chanced upon an ongoing STRIP IPL Underarm Treatment on Facebook that was going at $35.00 for a trial so my sister and I decided to go for it. Our previous experience at Ginza Calla IPL Plaza Singapura was below expectations so we both have been searching for new places to try out.

    The promotion is only valid at their Plaza Singapura outlet so don’t mix up!

    I went last Friday night and was served by a lady called Connie. She was gentle and kept telling me it was not going to be painful. Why? Because I was quite traumatised by my previous experience at another place (read above) and I was sure I didn’t want to go through the same pain again. I was assured many times that it was definitely not going to be as painful as others.

    Scared meme

    So I took her word for it, took a deep breath and began my STRIP Underarm IPL Treatment. Here is how the room looked like:

    STRIP Underarm IPL - 1 STRIP Underarm IPL - 4 STRIP Underarm IPL - 3 STRIP Underarm IPL - 2

    STRIP Underarm IPL - 5I was given a pair of goggles to protect my eyes from the light emitted by the machine. I know of some places that do not provide any eye wear. Some use towels to cover the eyes. Ginza Calla had goggles as well.

    It was true, the pain was at the bare minimum. It was nothing I could not handle. I usually do waxing so waxing is known to be a lot more painful than IPL. I could withstand waxing pain, but NOT the pain I felt at Ginza Calla.

    IPL is usually described as hot and having ant bites sensation. Ant bites pain is subjective. It could be a small harmless ant bite, or it could be a FIRE ant bite. The pain varies a lot. At the previous salon I went, it was a fire ant bite definitely. It hurt me so much that I never mustered enough courage to go for my remaining sessions. My best friend and sister also went through the same pain at G.

    STRIP won Ginza Calla, HANDS DOWN. The difference was obvious.

    The pain I experience at IPL was small ant bites only, I could handle that – Nothing that sent me tearing. On most areas, it was painless. By painless I mean 100% no pain at all. Only at certain parts of the armpits, I could feel the small ant bites.

    The IPL was done in circles, and not the usual block by block. In total, one armpit had 3 rounds of circles.

    As with any sales outlet, they encouraged me to sign for a package. Truly, I did enjoy the entire experience. This was the pricing that they offered:

    ($321 x 6 sessions) – I don’t know how many percent discount = $1200 – $1600

    I cannot remember the exact price. The usual treatment is to have at least 10-12 sessions, so that will cost me between $2400 – $3200 to get my armpits done with the whole course of IPL treatment at STRIP.

    If it wasn’t for the hefty price tag, I would have signed the package there and then.

    Well, if you have not tried IPL treatment, this is a good place to give your first try. If you experienced the same pain as I did at other places, I also strongly urge you to try. The promotion now is only $35.00. You can surely tell the difference between the IPL treatment here and elsewhere (if you did it before). According to their Facebook page, the promotion ends in September. That means 2 days left. I’m sorry I found out about this promotion late!! Would have shared with you guys if I knew of it earlier.
    They have a STRIP booking portal here. But I am not sure if you can book the $35 promotion there. If you cannot, then just make a call to the Plaza Singapura outlet and book an appointment for yourself. The number is on their Facebook page.

    This is entirely base on my own experience and personal opinions. I am not paid by STRIP.

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