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  • Studio M Hotel Singapore | Staycation Review

    Now here’s the part 2 of Roy’s birthday celebration! We had a staycation at Studio M Hotel Singapore located at 3 Nanson Rd  238910.

    Studio M hotel-1

    This place is very popular among tourists AND locals! I saw a lot of locals there, most probably due to the long weekend thanks to Good Friday 🙂

    I booked a Premier Loft at $280/night. We only stayed there for 2D1N.  There are different types of rooms ranging from Studio Loft, Premier Loft, Executive Loft, Patio Loft.

    Studio M hotel-5 Studio M hotel-6

    Studio M hotel-3

    studio m hotel-10

    I love loft rooms because they make good use of the space available. And especially the idea of stairs. Haha okay sorry deprived kid here who doesn’t have a flight of stairs in her house.

    Studio M hotel-2

    A small coffee and washing area. There is no basin in the toilet so you also have to brush your teeth here.

    studio m hotel-24

    One thing I didn’t like about the room was the bathroom. The area is VERY small. There is no bathtub, in case you’re wondering.Studio M hotel-7

    Studio M hotel-8

    If you realised, I was either in a blue top or a white sheer blouse because the pictures were taken on two separate days. studio m hotel-9

    Yeah so you guys get the rough idea that Studio M Hotel Singapore is a good place to take pictures because of the glass windows and the natural sunlight. hahaha.

    studio m hotel-11

    In the night, we went to eat at Melt – The World Cafe. I’ve been there once before and I like their buffet spread, especially the grilled food! So I decided to bring Roy there this time. I’ll leave that for another entry because this entry is overloaded with photos already.

    The next day we headed down for breakfast..

    studio m hotel-22 studio m hotel-23

    and this was the crowd at the breakfast area,

    studio m hotel-12

    See, I didn’t lie to you about the locals there. Haha, a lot of them right!

    studio m hotel-15

    studio m hotel-14

    I think the didn’t replace the food fast enough because there were simply too many people. I didn’t get to eat a lot and was grumpy. But then I decided maybe I should have a toast to cheer me up!! So I walked over to the toast area to grab a piece of bread and this was what I saw….

    studio m hotel-16

    ….. A HALF EATEN SLICE OF BREAD?!? You kidding me bro?

    studio m hotel-17

    The usual egg and pancakes counter!

    Decided to just miss breakfast and head to the waters.
    studio m hotel-18 studio m hotel-19 studio m hotel-20 studio m hotel-21

    That’s about it. Overall, I think Studio M Hotel is suitable for a one night stay for couples, well at least for the room that I booked. And this place is hugely popular among locals, so be prepared for the crowd during the breakfast period. If you want to avoid the crowd, you’ll have to wake up earlier. Perhaps next time I will try the Patio Loft and let y’all know!

    For Roy’s birthday last year, we went to Klapsons Boutique Hotel, which was AWESOMEEE. Not sure if I still have the photos but if you guys want, I can post an entry on that. I have finallllly finished my exams and that marks the end of my 16 years of education. Now I have so many blogposts to clear and I feel bad for my sponsors and people waiting for my beauty reviews. I promise to work extra hard now that I’m free! 🙂


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  • Reply Chris

    haha. So it’s was studio M. Went there before. Was Klapsons that awesome?

    May 10, 2013 at 4:19 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Klapsons is by far the best boutique hotel I’ve been to in Singapore although it’s a bit pricey. The patio suite was about $500, came with an outdoor jacuzzi and rest area. Superb! And they use Molten Brown;)

      May 11, 2013 at 12:48 am

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