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    SuperTree by Indochine Private Launch

    Last Thursday, I attended the SuperTree by Indochine Grand Opening at Gardens by the Bay with Roy and his Mom. The awesome Roy got the invitation and it was a last minute decision and I was so dressed down 🙁

    Haha look both of us were in jeans!

    Roy’s mom and me 🙂 Sharp nose is in his family genes man, all his brothers have sharp noses. #jealous

    Pictures of the other surrounding trees. I think they look very futuristic and made me feel out of place.

    The SuperTree, all lighted up!

    It was dark by the time we went in.

    YAY FOOD! There were Vietnamese rice rolls, fried calamari, scallop, fried prawns, chicken wings, potato wedges and a whole lot of other finger food!

    Mini noodle box! Roy and I tried this back in Melbourne last December when our tourguide brought us to a shop called “Noodle Canteen” and that was how they packed their take-out noodles.

    I like to use my hair to cover half my face HAHAH.

    Handsomeboy87 and his act cool Jay Chou pose.

    Hello aunty!

    The lighting at the bar. Omg I love the music there! You’d also love the songs they play if you like clubbing.

    Then we went outside and saw..

    a very obstructed view of the scenery. HAHA. Okay there is access to the rooftop but we were too lazy to go up to get a better view.

    Our wristbands. Look at our wrist sizes. ALL the same! You can tell which is mine by the painted nails, followed by Aunty’s, then Roy’s. #fuckyeahskinny

    Here’s bringing you thecolorIS’s self-manufactured Payge Playsuit! I don’t usually wear rompers but this one suits my petite body size. It comes with a sash so it can fit smaller girls as well 🙂

    I chose the black one because it’s stylish and makes me look cool haha. Omg the material is very comfy! You can wear it for picnics or casual meet-ups with your friends. For a slightly more formal event, try putting on a cardigan or blazer, pair it with heels and you are good to go!

    There are also two functional pockets at the sides! If you want, you can replace the sash with a belt too! It’s detachable!

    Also the Matryoshka Dolls top! Omg I love russian dolls haha my previous twitter name was russiandoll 😀 So when I first saw this I went, “I like this!” This comes in five different colours, Dusty Pink (the one I’m wearing), White Russian, Blue Lagoon, Lemonade, and Black Vodka.

    Hehe thank you thecolorIS for this pretty top! So far I’ve worn it quite a few times already, especially to school because it’s casual and easy to match!:)


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