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  • Taipei Itinerary Day 3 – Mao Kong Gondola | Shifen

    Taipei Day 3 – We woke up late today because we were exhausted from the previous day’s activities. (Read: here for Taipei Day 2 itinerary) Think we got up only at around 10am. Our main highlights for the day were Mao Kong Gondola and Shi Fen Old Street.

    Taiwan Day - 3 Breakfast

    We had a simple breakfast just right below our hotel. Roy had chicken burger and I can’t remember what I ate lol.

    Yes I had a pimple on my face throughout the trip, so if you see some pictures where the pimple doesn’t exist in, that means I photoshopped it away. *disclaimer(

    Off we went for our 3rd day of adventure in Taipei! For today, we went to Mao Kong Gondola and Jiu Fen Old Street.

    2012April_1280x800Took the train to Taipei Zoo Station and walked for around 10 minutes before arriving at Mao Kong Gondola. The queue was CRAZY, as you can see below.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -1 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -2 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -3

    Me looking really pissed while being jealous of people entering the cable car.

    Okay here is a trick! There are 2 lines for you to queue, the first being for the NORMAL CABLE CAR without the glass flooring. The second (and of course longer) being the one for CRYSTAL CABLE CAR with glass flooring.

    A normal person would definitely queue for the second one since it was a one in a life time opportunity. I don’t know of any other places with a crystal cable car. Of course I wanted to take that!!! But Roy suggested we took the normal one FIRST and then take the crystal one on our way down. Genius? Sure it was! Because people were busy on the hills with their own activities so there wasn’t ANY QUEUE for the crystal cable car down at all!

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -4

    I was hoping to hop onto a red Hello Kitty cable car and viola, my wish came true!!!

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -5

    We had to share the cable car with 3 other Japanese tourists.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -6

    Happy happy me in the cable car.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -7

    Love the cartoon decals.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -8 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -9

    Then I started to look down.. Zomg we were travelling from one mountain to another! Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -11 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -12 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -13


    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -14

    The ride was around 30mins long so we got bored. There were a few stations in between.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -15

    Got irritated at Roy because he kept wanting to take pictures and re-took a gazillion times.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -16

    Hence my non-smiling face here.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -17 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -18

    Then we finally arrived at the Mao Kong station. Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -19 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -20 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -21

    Saw that there was a bustling street so we decided to follow the road leading upwards.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -22 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -23 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -24 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -25

    And then we chanced upon a lot of teahouses! There were quite a few traditional ones but the one that caught my eye was this cute cafe called 猫空茶屋.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -26 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -27

    Other than the interior, it was the air-conditioning that caught my eye! But the thing is, they didn’t switch on the air-conditioner until we told them to do so. Well, maybe because we were the only customers and they just opened. Still, I think the service there is pretty bad. There was an aunty (whom I presume to be the mother of the boss) who was being mean and bitchy. First of all, we WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SIT ON THE SOFAS MEANT FOR A GROUP OF PEOPLE. I understand if your cafe was freaking full and if there was a long queue of people outside but SERIOUSLY THERE WAS NOBODY. She kept telling us we couldn’t sit there, and we told her all right just let us snap some photos. After that, we realised it was hot (dude it was 12pm on top of the mountains) so we requested for the air-con to be switched on but she only switched on ONE air con.

    Erm, how could one air con be able to cool the entire cafe?? So we told her it was getting hot and stuffy. Guess what she said? 就忍吧!天气热也不是我的错。- which means “Just bear it with! It’s not my fault that the weather is hot.” Yes it’s not your fault because you cannot control the weather, but YOU CAN CONTROL the temperature in YOUR CAFE.

    Anyway I refused to get angry there because it would just spoil my trip and holiday so I just didn’t bother.

    Really jidan. But the photos turned out quite nice la hor. So next time if you guys want to come here to take photos, just order ONE CHEAPEST ITEM FROM THE MENU, take nice photos and leave.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -28 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -29

    Wouldn’t be bothered with that aunty if it weren’t for the nice decor.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -30 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -31 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -32

    We ordered a high tea set for two.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -33

    Clueless with all the tea stuff. Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -34

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -35

    Anyway guess how much this high tea set cost?!?! TW250!!! Only SGD10, super cheap! Food was okay, not impressive but decent.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -36 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -37 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -38

    Matche soft serve with brownie was good.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -39 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -40

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -44

    We sat for about an hour, but the air con still wasn’t cold lol wtf -.- And look at the amount of people in the cafe, one of the big sofas was still not taken lor. As you can see, the cafe was empty and they did not allow us to sit on the sofas. -.- What logic. #stillharpingonit.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -41

    Here is the exterior of the cafe if anybody is interested to go there.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -42 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -43  Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -45 Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -46

    We walked back to Mao Kong station and there wasn’t any queue for the crystal cable car at all! We were the first in line hehe.Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -47

    Tada, finally set food on the crystal cable car. It was quite scary because we could see the trees wayyyy below us.

    Taipei - Mao Kong Gondola -48

    banner - shifenoldstreet

    Our next destination was to Shi Fen. 十分! Since we were at Mao Kong Gondola, we walked back to Taipei Zoo MRT Station and took one stop to Mu Zha station. From there, we crossed a street and took bus 1076 to Shi Fen. The journey was about slightly over an hour or so. We both slept throughout the bus ride. And finally, we arrived at Shi Fen where we saw the famous train tracks and groups of groups of happy people with their lanterns!

    Taipei - Shifen-4

    The entire area was filled with families, friends and couples writing their wishes on the lanterns.

    Of course, we couldn’t give it a miss! I did majority of the writing since Roy’s Chinese is pretty bad.

    Taipei - Shifen-1

    Initially, we didn’t know what to write as we are both bad with 成语. Later we realised the existence of a set of cards hanging beside us…Taipei - Shifen-2

    TADA!! JUST COPY ONLY! The different colours represent different categories of wishes you can write for.

    For us, we mixed it up during the earlier part so we just wrote whatever we could on whatever colour.Taipei - Shifen-3  Taipei - Shifen-5

    Look at the smiles on their faces! So elated to light their lantern. 😀Taipei - Shifen-6 Taipei - Shifen-7

    Busy Keline still writing~~Taipei - Shifen-8

    Jjang jjang! My masterpiece!! (The part about kids refer to my nephews ah lol.)Taipei - Shifen-9

    We were super excited to light our very own lantern too! The helper lit the lantern with a lighter and we had to hold the lantern while taking photos.. All this time, the fire was burning and we could feel the heat but had to smile for our photos. Taipei - Shifen-10

    OMG it was getting abit too hot for me.Taipei - Shifen-11

    YAY and our lantern went up up up!Taipei - Shifen-12

    After a long day, it was time for some food.  We walked down the street and Roy saw this stall… he immediately insisted on buying the chicken drumstick!Taipei - Shifen-14

    It was filled with seasoned rice. Not bad!Taipei - Shifen-13

    Taipei - Shifen-15

    There were many many many souvenir shops selling everything lantern related and what not. I didn’t buy any lantern related souvenirs, mainly because I had already received quite a number of lantern key chains from my sister and friends who previously visited the same place before. And I don’t know of anybody whom I can gift the lantern keychains to. It is honestly quite useless to bring around because it’s quite fragile. The only thing is to display it somewhere…… but there is nowhere I can put it at. So, to save myself and others the trouble, I skipped the lantern souvenirs entirely!Taipei - Shifen-16

    The only thing I did? Was to send postcards to myself. 🙂 Taipei - Shifen-17 Taipei - Shifen-18 Taipei - Shifen-19

    A lot of Taiwanese students on vacation were sending postcards to themselves as well.Taipei - Shifen-20 Taipei - Shifen-21 Taipei - Shifen-22 Taipei - Shifen-23

    Thank you for holding my hand all these years. 🙂Taipei - Shifen-24

    Had a piece of fried ice cream while attempting to walk to Shi Fen Waterfall. And then we realised it would take us 20-30 minutes to walk to the waterfall :/So we decided to take a cab instead. It was only a 3-5 minutes car ride up the mountain.

    banner - shifenwaterfall

    On our way, we had to cross a bridge so here’s a video of me being really excited about going to the waterfall, lol.

    And then we saw this…

    Taipei - Shifen-27

    It was both our first time to a waterfall and it was great to witness nature’s beauty in front of our eyes. The area was misty and cooling, very different from the heat we experienced just earlier on.

    Taipei - Shifen-34

    Taipei - Shifen-26

    Small eyes with the waterfall.

        Taipei - Shifen-33 Taipei - Shifen-32 Taipei - Shifen-31 Taipei - Shifen-30

    Lol, told you I was happy.Taipei - Shifen-29 Taipei - Shifen-28   Taipei - Shifen-25

    Goodbye waterfall!

    We returned back to Shi Fen Old Street to wait for the last train back and realised we didn’t eat lunch at all. Walked into a random stall and had some small bites.

    Taipei - Shifen-35

    Taipei - Shifen-36 Taipei - Shifen-37

    As you can tell, I was really tired by then. By the time the train came, the train station was flooded with a lot a lot of people. We were afraid we couldn’t get up the train and hence would have to spend our night there. But thankfully the Singaporean in us managed to help us squeeze our way through. When we reached Pingxi train station, guess what!! THERE WAS A BLACKOUT omg. Imagine us waiting for our train back to Taipei in the dark.. 🙁 What an experience we had!

    Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun at Shi Fen. It’s something we can never experience in Singapore. Thank you Taipei for being wonderful. 🙂


    Taipei Day 1 – Air Line Inn Hotel (头等舱)| Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall |Xi Men Ding(西门町
    Taipei Day 2 – Fu Hang Dou Jiang | Yeh Liu Geo Park (野柳) | Jin Gua Shi 金瓜石 | Jiu Fen Street  九分)| Kee Lung Miao Kou Night Market(庙口夜市@基隆)
    Taipei Day 3 – Mao Kong Gondola (猫空缆车) | Shi Fen Old Street (十分老街) | Shi Fen Waterfall (十分瀑布)
    Taipei Day 4 – Ah Zhong Mian Xian (阿宗面线) | Yong He Dou Jiang (永和豆浆)| Hello Kitty Exhibition | Wu Fen Pu (五分铺) | Rao He Night Market(饶河夜市)
    Taipei Day 5 – Breakfast at Xi Men Ding | Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆)| Shi Da Night Market (师大夜市)


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    Hi Keline, threading or waxing eyebrows last longer ?
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      Hi Anne,

      I do not go for threading. Last time I used to go for tweezing. Now I go for waxing as it is not as painful, and removes more hair at one go. As my hair follicles are more active (hahah), small hair starts to grow within a week. I go waxing once every 3-4 weeks to maintain the shape of my brows. Any longer, it will go back to its original messy state!! However, that’s just for me as I really have quite a bit of hair. 🙁

      Currently, I do not go for IPL as it is not within my financial means. But I do hope to go for it one day so I can remove all the unwanted hair. For arms and legs waxing, I do it personally myself at home using waxing strips. Let me know if you need a tutorial! 🙂


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          Hi Anne,

          Okay I will try to do it up whenever I can! I have done threading for my whole face before a few years ago and it caused a bad allergy reaction on my entire face. There were a lot of bumps, redness and irritation. In the end I needed to apply anti inflammation cream to calm my sensitive skin down. 🙁 Waxing also does irritate my skin a bit but I don’t wax my whole face so I can avoid that process. Waxing & threading brows are still acceptable for me!

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