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    Taobao Couple Wear

    One of the most requested posts of this month is Taobao Couple Wear! I’ve shared my casual shoot done in Seoul in my previous post and asked on both IG and Dayre if you guys would like to know where I got the clothes from. The response was good!! You asked for it, and here it shall be. 🙂

    Since we were doing the shoot in Seoul and lovers there are obsessed with couple wear, we thought it would be fun to join in the craze without getting judged. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be in the exact same attire, sometimes the same colour or theme will do fine too!

    Also, there will be some still snippets of our video shoot here too. X)

    1) Checkered Long Sleeve Outer Coat
    Jacket product image

    We got this from another seller but that listing is no longer available so this is the same one by another seller instead. We wore it over t-shirts and jeans, matched with white sneakers. I’d say this is definitely the Korean look you should go for! This coat comes in Black and Navy (藏青色) and ours was Navy. Please don’t expect the material to be ultra soft as it’s a bit stiff, I guess it’s to provide more structure? I’m so glad we wore this out one of the days because it was raining and it kept us warm!

    Here is how we wore it:
    Taobao Couple Wear - Jacket 1 Taobao Couple Wear - Jacket 2

    Taobao Couple Outer WearRoy wears XL
    I wear S

    2) Stripes Sweater
    Taobao Couple Sweater
    Okay so I if you noticed, I didn’t wear any white sweater during the shoot because I don’t look so good in a big white pullover, and would much prefer to wear black. But Roy had already purchased the White version for me in size S, which wasn’t oversized. Luckily, we bought 2 sets of sweaters! Please read more below:

    3) Paris Sweater
    Taobao Paris Sweater
    So I made Roy wear the Paris Sweater while I wore the Stripes Sweater. Both in male size XL. It looked oversized on me, just like how the stock photos were. Please don’t buy size S if you want it to be baggy!

    How we wore it:
    Taobao Couple Sweater - 2
    Seoul Prewedding1-15

    Still looked pretty matchy right? Haha.

    4) Nautical Couplewear
    Finally, onto something that is more cutesy, we have this navy stripes nautical matching outfit.

    Taobao Nautical Couplewear
    Here’s how we wore it:
    Taobao Nautical Couplewear - 1 Taobao Nautical Couplewear - 2

    Roy wears XL, I wear S

    Honestly, I’m bad at matching outfits but it was made easy ‘cos we just followed what the models wore. LOL, didn’t have to think much about it yay!!

    Here’s sharing some of my other picks that I just saw on Taobao and like:
    Taobao Couple Swearer 2
    Hoodies and sweaters are my major loves because they are so easy to wear. Just throw them on and you’re ready to go out.

    Link here

    Taobao Olive Coat
    Link here


    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 6.13.59 PM
    Link here

    Can I just say how much I love long coats? So much swag/seh when you’re walking you know! hahaha!

    Shop by shops:
    Ai Dong Ai Xi


    Hope you guys find this post useful! Been wanting to share my Taobao Couple Wear finds with you guys and I’m glad I finally have time to sit down and produce this for y’all. Can’t wait to share more of my Taobao hauls in future!

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