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  • The Body Shop Christmas Edition 2014

    What is Christmas without sharing gifts of joy with your loved ones? As with my past few Christmases, I’m here to share the all new The Body Shop Christmas Edition Gifts!

    As I grow older, I realised I really enjoy buying gifts for people close to me. The joy of spending time with my family and watching them unwrap their gifts under the Christmas tree is something I hold close to my heart. I prefer buying gifts that are functional and can be used on a daily basis. Hence, I usually buy shower gels, perfumes and towels.

    (Speaking of towels, I would like to share that I recently got Esprit towel sets at less than $20.00 at Sembawang Shopping Centre. Not too sure if they still have stock but you can give it a try if you live near there. Otherwise, you can purchase them at $29.90 at Takashimaya. I love Esprit towel sets because the towels quality is quite good. My Esprit towel lasted me for 5 years! And I like that they come with a hand towel and face towel.)

    Some people dislike the idea of receiving or gifting shower gels because they’re afraid to translate the wrong idea that the recipient is smelly or ought to shower. NO, THAT IS NOT TRUE. 1) If the person smells, then yes he/she needs some help. 2) If the person doesn’t smell, a little bit of fragrance help to enhance the body image. Why not! Everyone deserves and should smell good. What better way to end your tiring day with a hot nice smelling shower? You’ll go to bed happy.

    First of all, I would like to introduce the all-new Glazed Apply body care range. This is the Glazed Apple Treat box packaged with a cute handle.

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-1 The Body Shop Christmas Collection-2

    The mouth-watering fragrance comes in both shower gel and body butter. Step 1) Shower and exfoliate with the loofa. Step 2) Moisturise your body with the body butter! This is a great 3-in-1 gift set!The Body Shop Christmas Collection-3

    Their signature ultra-rich body butter helps to hydrate and soften our delicate skin.

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-4

    Deliver handfuls of happiness with this winter-wonderful Frosted Cranberry Greeting Card which hand cream and soap. This is especially good for those who work in cold air-conditioned office. For me, I always keep a few tubes of hand cream on my table and will apply them on my hands twice a day while working. The long hours of being under air-con means that my skin is being stripped of moisture every second. Hence, I always make it a point to put on nice smelling hand cream after every few hours in my office to rehydrate my skin. The Body Shop Christmas Collection-5

    The Frosted Cranberry Greeting Card retails at $24.90.

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-9

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-10

    For nail polish lovers, like my sister, some nail varnishes will definitely make the perfect gift! My sister was so happy to see I’ve got 5 new bottles of new polish and she hopes to try them out ASAP. The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish retails at $12.90.

    And my favourite of the lot is…. nonetheless the White Musk collection! I’ve written here about how much I love The Body Shop White Musk scent and have been using it since I was 19. The White Musk remains as one of my favourite scents in my whole perfume history lol.

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-6

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-7

    The Body Shop Christmas Collection-8

    This classy White Musk EDT Gift Set comes with  a mini size shower gel and body lotion. Just nice for my overseas trip out tomorrow! Will definitely be packing it in my luggage tonight. This gift set also comes with a cute small notebook.

    The White Musk EDT 60ml Gift Set retails for S$54.90.

    Usually when I go shopping at The Body Shop, I will always grab myself some bottles of Strawberry Shower Gel because that is one of my top favourite scents for shower gels (followed by Cranberry, Peach and Passionfruit)!

    For the Strawberry lovers, surprise them with this sweet set of Strawberry Festive Picks stuffed with soap, body polish (a must to exfoliate!), body butter and shower gel. I’ll love anybody who buys me this hehe.


    From a loyal The Body Shop shopaholic point of view, I really love picking Christmas gifts from there because I am a hardcore shower gel fan hahah. I can say half of my bodycare and skincare are bought from The Body Shop (yes with my own money, no sponsored!) Here is a secret that I haven’t really shared on my website and social media: My daily facial cleanser that I’ve been using for a year is The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Facial Wash. It looks like this and the retail price is around $24 I think. You can grab it during sale or discount periods! If you’re looking to get a new facial wash, you might want to give this a try! I usually buy 8 tubes at one go. Roy, Kay and I all fight over this at home hahha, it’s crazy.


    Have yourself a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance guys!!!! Muacks!:D

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