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    Tutorial: Rock Some Sparkle with Me – The Body Shop Christmas Look!

    Took some pictures when I wore The Body Shop makeup out the other day and today I will teach you how to recreate this look 😉

    Dress is from H&M and Necklace is from Platium Mall, Bangkok.

    Ribbon Gold Bracelet is from Platinum Mall, Bangkok Clutch is from New Look.

    Shoes from Aldo.

    Top from Http://www.lovefiiefiie.com

    Here is how I created the look with The Body Shop Smoky Moonstone Palette!

    First, start off with a fresh face. And my pimple says hi!!! Okay the pimple will be photoshopped away after this picture. Roy says I shouldn’t show you guys my pimple but AIYA I’m also a human please. I have flaws too!

    Conceal wherever necessary (e.g. eye bags, dark spots, blemishes) and apply foundation.

    The Smoky Moonstone Palette.

    With four shades of bronze and dark hues. It’s super easy to create the Smoky Moonstone look! There are only 4 steps to using this palette and I shall show you how 🙂

    1. Choose the first shade on the top left hand corner of the palette and apply it all over your eyelid up to the brow bone with the flat brush.

    It should look something like this.

    2. Next, take the second shade from the to right hand corner of the palette and apply it over your entire eyelid with the flat brush.

    3. Take the slanted brush, and dab some of Shade 03 from the bottom left hand of the palette.

    Starting from the half of your eyelid, work within a triangle to the outer area of your eyelid.

    It should look something like this. 🙂

    4. Take the slanted brush and dab a bit of Shade 04 and line your eyes near the lash line.

    You are now done with the eye shadow palette! Let’s move on to… the eyeliner!

    In tune with the festive season, The Body Shop has also launched the Pure Gold and Golden Brown eyeliners, all sparkly and perfect for X’mas!

    With the Pure Gold eyeliner, line the top and lower rims of your eyes.

    Next up, the Golden Brown eyeliner!

    Line the your eyes like what you would with a normal eyeliner.

    The Body Shop lipstick in shade 12, it has glitter in it as well!

    My day look 🙂

    For the night look, just add a little more lipstick…

    If you dare to go bold, then add on more lipstick! From sweet to chic!

    The Body Shop also gave us a surprise picnic basket FULL OF GOODIES!!

    What’s inside?

    CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE?? Do you want to win this entire HUGEEE hamper back?

    There will be a top prize which is the hamper above (worth $422) and 30 other consolation prizes of The Body Shop seasonal hand wash and hand lotion (worth $36.80) up for grabs! VOTE FOR ME!

    How to vote?

    1) Go to http://on.fb.me/RAtR0Y

    2) Like the Facebook Page

    3) Click the Vote Now button

    4) Click on Keline and then the Vote button!

    What if you don’t win any gifts from The Body Shop? I AM GIVING AWAY FREEBIES FROM MY OWN HAMPER! I figured I have too many and I can’t use them all anyway, my body isn’t that huge and I don’t have a bathtub at home to soak myself in these nice smelling shower gels, etc.

    Cranberry Joy Shimmer Lotion – Limited Edition

    Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion – Limited Edition

    Ginger Sparkle Body Butter – Limited Edition

    Ginger Sparkle Body Polish – Limited Edition

    Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel – Limited Edition


    1) Vote for me on The Body Shop Most Stylish Blogger. (Doesn’t matter if I don’t win, as long as you vote for me!)

    2) Send in a screen shot that you have voted for me to [email protected] in this format:

    – Name:
    – Your email:
    – Item you wish to win:

    3) In the event the item you wish for is no longer available, I will assign another item randomly.


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