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    What’s better than a pipping hot bowl of soup in a freezing cold shopping mall? When I’m out in town and am craving for soups, I’ll usually go to The Soup Spoon for my favourite Simon & Gurfenkel Chicken & Mushroom Ragout. Did u know know that The Soup Spoon offers special limited soup flavours from time to time? I didn’t! So I’m glad I had the opportunity to taste the second series of The Soup Spoon Japan Souper Inspiration soups!

    **Stay till the end of the blogpost to find a chance to win yourself a FREE trip to Japan!**
    The Soup Spoon Japan - 11

    The Soup Spoon Japan - 12

    During the event, we followed Anna Lim (Souper Chef of The Soup Spoon) through her Japanese food trail in Chubu, Kyushu and Tohoku. These places are not commonly visited by tourists. So why these three regions? The first few places that come to our minds when we think about Japan are usually Tokyo and Osaka. Chubu, Kyushu and Tohoku are rich in traditional Japanese cuisine culture, lifestyle and scenery. My parents visited Kyushu earlier this year and enjoyed it a lot. It was their first time in Japan and they returned with lots of praises of their full Japanese experience. How I wish I was there with them!

    For the second instalment of the Japan Souper Inspiration, there are 3 flavours namely,

    1) Mizutaki Keihan Stew
    2) Vegan Red Rice Miso Stew with Wakame
    3) Barramundi Miso Stew

    The Soup Spoon Japan - 6

    Mizutaki x Keihan Stew

    Inspired by: Kyushu – also known as “Onsen Island” boasts the most number of hot spring spots, that are sculpted by the volcanoes and nature.

    Fun fact: Mizutaki originated from Fukuoka, Kyushu where residents indulge in the hot dish all year round. In other parts of Japan, it is only in cold winter season that they consume this stew. In Kagoshima, Kyushu, Keihan (chicken-rice) is a dish served with soup, rice, chicken, shredded omelette and shiso leaf. Talk about comfort food!!

    Drawing inspiration from the Japanese communal hot pots, The Mizutaki Keihan Stew rich soup broth is made by boiling ingredients such as chicken, radish and mushrooms from scratch for 8 hours, achieving a thick consistency, something like a ramen base. It is then served with garnish and egg omelette shreds. What I like about this soup is the barley that comes along in the soup, substituting rice but still bringing out the essence of Keihan.

    The Soup Spoon Japan - 5

    Vegan Red Rice Miso Soup

    Inspired by: Anna’s visits to Chubu and Kyushu. During her visit to Nagano in Chubu, she visited a shop, Yawataya Isogoro, that specialises in Shichimi Togarashi. It is a group of condiments made of 7 different ingredients.

    A vegetarian option, the Vegan Red Rice Miso Soup, consists of togarashi, sweet potatoes, napa cabbage, healthy red rice, lotus roots, carrots and wakame (sea weed). Unlike most of the other soups, this one was on the sweet side due to the presence of sweet potatoes and cabbage. This dish was made in mind for people who have special dietary requirements, so thoughtful! I have a close friend who is vegetarian, so I will most probably bring him to try!

    The Soup Spoon Japan - 10

    Barramundi Miso Stew

    Inspired by: Anna’s visits to Chubu and Tohoku. At the popular Shiogama Seafood Market in Miyagi, Tohoku, Anna was inspired by the fresh local seafood produce. Did you know that Shiogama hosts the most number of sushi restaurants (per capita) in Japan? That goes to show how fresh and sought-after their seafood are! At the market, you can grab a bowl of rice, add on seafood to make your own Kaisendon, with an accompanying bowl of miso soup.

    My favourite of the three is the Barramundi Miso Stew. The barramundi fish is know as the Asia Seabass that has a firm texture and sweet taste. It is rich in omega-3 (like salmon) and is the perfect choice for healthy fish dishes.

    Why Miso? Miso, made of fermented Soybeans, is a Japanese food staple that has many health benefits. It is high in antioxidants that protect against free radicals and also aids in digestion. Many Japanese start their day by drinking a hot bowl of Miso daily.

    Also, I notice that the meat used in this series is white meat which is perfect for me as I don’t usually take red meat.

    The Soup Spoon Japan - 7

    Thank you for having Zoe and I, The Soup Spoon. 🙂
    The Soup Spoon Japan - 8 The Soup Spoon Japan - 9

    And you know the best part about drinking these Japanese inspired soups? YOU MAY GET TO GO TO JAPAN!!!! Waa drink healthy soup and can go Japan, I also want to go please!! Japan has been highly raved by many of my blogging peeps and has been hailed at the MUST-GO country in Asia. The winners will get to immerse themselves with the lush scenery and amazing food in Japan! From now till 12th October, enjoy a delicious bowl of savoury The Soup Spoon Japanese flavoured soup and stand a chance to win a trip to Japan!

    There are 2 ways you can join the competition:

    1) Lucky Draw – Simply buy a Japan Souper Inspiration Soup to receive a stamp card with a stamp. Collect 3 stamps (1 Souper Inspirations Soup = 1 stam. Answer a quiz question, fill out your particulars and drop the stamp card into The Soup Spoon Luck draw boxes!
    Grand prize: 4D3N Japan Tour Package for 2
    Second prize: 4D3N Fukuoka Free & Easy Package for 2

    2) Instagram  – All you need to do is to take a nice styling picture of your Japanese soup at The Soup Spoon, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #TSSTakeMetoJapan, follow & tag @thesoupspoonsg @Dinerstravelsg. Don’t forget to tell them why you want to go to Japan!
    Instagram prize: 4D3N Tokyo Free & Easy Package for 2

    Enjoy your soup and good luck in the contest! 😀

    Click here to learn more about The Soup Spoon Souper Inspirations!
    You may also check out and learn more about Japan at the Japan National Tourism Organisation! (They run amazing contests from time to time, you need to camp there!! Learn more useful information about visiting Japan. Hear it from the locals themselves!)

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