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  • Toby's Estate Toast

    Toby’s Estate | Brunch places in Singapore

    Roy and I woke up on a lazy Saturday morning and decided to have brunch at a nice place. After reading a few online reviews, we decided on bunch at Toby’s Estate ‘cos it looked pretty promising haha. So off we went to Robertson Quay in search of our new brunch place.

    When I first stepped into the cafe, there was a massive loring coffee roaster that extended all the way to the ceiling at the right hand side of the door. Yeah you should go see it.

    Busy Instagramming a picture of my brunch haha. It is now mandatory for everyone to post up pictures of their food on Instagram other than camwhore shots of themselves. In fact, my food pictures get more likes than my face sometimes.

    My Toby’s Breakfast┬ábarn laid eggs scrambled or poached, pork bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and brioche toast – $16

    I am a fan of big breakfasts, ah yes including the one from McDonald’s. I’ll always order the main breakfast set wherever I go for brunch. And scrambled eggs is a must-order for me too! I’ve never tried poached eggs actually. Maybe I should try it at my next brunch place! ­čÖé

    Already conquered half the scrambled eggs, one slice of toast and three quater of the sauteed mushrooms!^^ Oh and featuring my pretty Cath Kidston Nails by Simplicity Nails haha.

    My verdict? I finished everything except for the roasted cherry tomatoes. I never liked cherry tomatoes, not that they didn’t cook it nicely. Oh and the bacon stripes? Roy finished them all. The bacon looked good and tasted good, the stripes were only slightly burnt at the side. (omg the previous brunch place I went which I haven’t blogged about, they have HORRIBLE bacon stripes. Like totally burnt and chao tar, my friend commented it was like Ba Kwa. Don’t ask me how it tasted idk and I would never wanna try.) Yeah anyway, I like the scrambled eggs and the toasts! I’m such a sucker for good toasts hehe. And the sauteed mushrooms were perfect. Idk if they were shiitake mushrooms or abalone mushrooms, but I’m sure they were not ordinary button mushrooms.


    Roy’s Eggs Royale poached barn laid eggs, smoked salmon on brioche + toby’s espresso hollandaise sauce – $14

    Zoom in a little. My boyfriend is crazy he even recorded a video of the hollandaise sauce flowing on the brioche toast.

     Randomly snapped a picture of the almost finished salmon on brioche haha.

    The long communal table that everyone sat at. If I had to say something I didn’t like about this place, it must be the seating arrangement. Okay sorry I am just anti-social like that I don’t like sitting with others. I just wanted a nice breakfast, and a good alone time with my boyfriend. The hostess asked if we were okay with “side by side seats” I thought okay we had to sit beside another couple. But turns out no, I sat beside Roy. And opposite me was a Chinese girl with an angmoh. I didn’t like that the angmoh was raving about oh how good Hong Kong is blahblah and how the girl kept scrutinizing my outfit. Plus Roy was snapping pictures of the food and they kept staring at Roy. Like I couldn’t have my own space hurrr. And it was crowded it felt like the air conditioner wasn’t working.

    And I could hear everyone’s conversations, not that I was intentionally eavesdropping but yet I knew what was going on the entire time (like a guy got a new iPhone 5 and his friend was playing with it although it was running low on battery at 4% and the friend was being a bastard to keep hogging his phone when he had his own iPhone.) And I was so conscious about speaking to Roy because I didn’t want people to eavesdrop like how I could hear everyone! There were seats outside but it was SO humid and hot. And wait last thing I observed… Another girl sat on the tall stool and when she left, Roy told me “that girl has a lot of whip marks on her thighs :/” and I was like “huh what whip marks, you mean stretch marks is it it?!”. And he said, “no like she kena caned on her legs, red red one.” Yeah so I deduced they were from sitting on the tall stool. Okay sorry for this huge chunk of text. Am I being too honest?

    For the coffee connoisseurs.

    A huge selection of coffee and coffee related products that were alien to me.

    Oh ya I chanced upon this outside the restaurant hehe so cute. This is perfect for people who usually bring their dogs out for walks.

    It was my treat and the bill came to exactly $30. ­čÖé This place is pretty pocket friendly. You know sometimes some brunch places are just too fucking expensive and overpriced. Come on it’s just eggs and toast!

    And it was quite funny that we went to a coffee place without tasting their coffee. But I wasn’t in the mood for any coffee, was craving badly for some good breakfast set in my stomach. I’d say this place is a good hangout for brunch, the food is good and the price is reasonable. I don’t mind going back again. This time, for their coffee. And probably on a weekday without that much of a crowd.

    Toby’s Estate is located at:
    8 Rodyk Street  Singapore 238216
    6636 7629

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