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  • Tokyo Travel Blog – Airbnb, Day 1 & Day 2

    Here is my Tokyo Travel Blog post for Days 1 & 2 after the short hiatus. 😀

    We arrived in Tokyo in the early morning at 6am, sorted out our train tickets and travelled to our Tokyo Airbnb located at Roppongi. As this was a last minute trip, most of the accommodations on Airbnb were not available. We were lucky to have found a nice little apartment.

    The nearest subway station is Roppongi, which is located at Tokyo Midtown. There is everything you need there, a 24 hour convenience store, Coco Ichibanya Curry, drugstores, lots of other food. The neighbourhood is pretty safe in the day. In the night, you will see ladies standing along the streets and there will be males touting for business. They could be Japanese men dressed in suits or foreigners. It could get a little intimidating sometimes but they will never approach ladies. If you are a lady with a boyfriend, they know their limits and will not come near your partner as well.

    Tokyo AirBnb - 1

    Love the rawness of the studio.Tokyo AirBnb - 2

    But when I said it was little, it was really small with minimum walking space if you were to open your luggages. Tokyo AirBnb - 3

    It came with a basic bathroom, sadly, without a washlet. The washlet (toilet bowl with water spray and heating features) is one thing I looked forward to whenever travelling to countries like Korea or Japan. If you are interested, this is the listing:

    We napped for a few hours before dragging ourselves out for food with Roy’s friends at Shibuya.Tokyo Day - 1 Tokyo Day - 2 Tokyo Day - 3

    It was buffet style with free flow beer and other alcohol. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was very pricey (SGD60 per person) so I wouldn’t recommend that place.

    We continued the night at a random hip-hop underground bar/pub where we had more drinks for SGD6 each. Both Roy and I got pretty drunk, he even puked on the streets of Shibuya. I remember feeling faint when I reached the train station, I sat right on the floor against the pillar for a good 5 minutes before getting up. Hahah, what an epic first night of Tokyo!

    Tokyo Day 1 - 7

    Pictures in square cos I took them for my Dayre. 🙂

    Tokyo Day 1 - 6
    #OOTD of the day

    Tokyo Day 1 - 8
    That’s Roy regurgitating hahaha.

    Tokyo Day 1 - 10
    Trying to figure our way home after the alcohol got to us.

    Tokyo Day 1 - 9
    There was a convenience store near our place so we dropped by to get some food!

    Tokyo Day 1 - 5
    Oh yay supper!
    Tokyo Day 1 - 11
    And it was time to sleep and call it a day! Thank you Tokyo for the first night. If you’d like to read more on the go updates, I wrote about my Tokyo Day 1 on Dayre here:

    On the second day of our Tokyo trip, Roy had work to do (he was on a business trip actually), so I went out to explore Harajuku by myself. I initially was intending to head to Forever 21 at Shibuya because I passed by the store the previous night, but fate had it that I searched for the other Forever 21 located at Harajuku. I merely followed Google Maps instructions, only to find myself standing at Harajuku haha. But it was a fun experience travelling out alone in a foreign country!

    Tokyo Day 2 - 1  Tokyo Day 2 - 2

    I love this milk coffee so much, I had it every single day throughout my week in Tokyo!

    Tokyo Day 2 - 3

    The weather was gloomy and there was a slight drizzle.

    Tokyo Day 2 - 7

    My favourite store has definitely gotta be Forever 21 there because the prices are cheap! Just check out the boots on sale, they were going for around SGD6-SGD12 ONLY!!!! This is the real deal guys, this is what a sale means!

    Tokyo Day 2 - 6

    I also got a few beanies there for approx SGD4-SGD6.Tokyo Day 2 - 5

    And then lo and behold, I chanced upon this faux leather jacket retailing for SGD30-SGD40.Tokyo Day 2 - 4

    I just had to get it!!!!! Never ever leave a girl alone in Forever 21 in Tokyo, really.

    It was evening by the time I got back to the apartment and met Roy there.

    We went to Harajuku (again!) for Daiso!

    Tokyo Day - 4

    I hadn’t gotten my fillers on my nose bridge, chin and jaw botox during the Tokyo trip yet. You may wish to to view the after fillers photos in this entry here: Nose fillers Singapore @ Astique Clinic

    Tokyo - Afuri Ramen

    Roy brought me there as he enjoyed the food at Afuri the previous time he was in Tokyo. They grill Char Siew pork slices on the spot so I can only say it’s really fresh.Tokyo - Afuri Ramen - 2

    Tokyo - Afuri Ramen - 3 Tokyo - Afuri Ramen - 5

    Pork cube rice bowl.Tokyo - Afuri Ramen - 4

    But… if you read follow me long enough, I rarely eat pork. So Afuri was definitely not for me. Every dish had pork and I just had a hard time there. T_T

    Tokyo Day 2 - Daiso - 1

    Made our way to my favourite Daiso but it was closed by then!!! I was close to tears because I was looking forward to shopping at Daiso. Additionally, I wasn’t satisfied with dinner so I felt horrible.

    Tokyo Day 2 - Daiso - 2

    We did some shopping at the drugstores instead because Roy wanted to make it up to me hehe. I’ll dedicate a post on that solely after this. I love the drugstores in Japan because you can get everything beauty and skincare related at much cheaper prices without taxes!

    After an entire night of shopping, we had supper at a traditional Japanese restaurant near our Airbnb. We did not order mains because it was late in the night.

    Tokyo Day 2 - 8

    Cold TofuTokyo Day 2 - 9

    Tamago tamago~~Tokyo Day 2 - 11

    Fried ChickenTokyo Day 2 - 10

    Yakitori! It was SGD4 per stick so it was quite expensive.
    For my Dayre post on Day 2 in Tokyo:

    We slept at 5am in the morning and woke up late the next day. But we finally managed to go to Daiso and had the highly recommended Luke’s Lobster Roll. Stay tuned for the next update!

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