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    Didn’t sleep well last night and it’s 5.59am as I type this. I know I’ve been neglecting my cyber life and social life for the past one year ever since I started working. It’s not healthy, but I need to focus on my career. It’s too big an opportunity for me to miss right now. And I need to prioritise on what is important now that can help pave a smooth journey to my future.

    Lately, things have been busy (as usual!) in the office and we are very short of manpower. We are looking to hire responsible and motivated individuals to join us so I can take on a more managerial position in the office. Went through restructuring and built a slightly bigger team last year – now. Everything seems okay, but can definitely be better. You’d think that I would have a smooth-sailing job since the boss is my boyfriend, and essentially I’m the boss’s boss. But I do not wish for my colleagues to view me in that manner. Respect is to be earned, not demanded. Hence, I have been working very hard to show my worth. I’m not just somebody with a local bachelor degree, and I’m not just a girl who takes selfies of herself. I’m so much more than these. And I am thankful that my boss, who happens to be my boyfriend, believes and sees so much in me that he has left the company in my care. I have so much more to learn from Roy though! If you know, Roy operates a few other companies so he has lots of other things to do and manage elsewhere. Right now, I’m taking charge of MOP and ensuring everything goes bigger, and better.

    Currently, I am working on a project which I hope to launch in the next few months.

    It’s tough, but I’m definitely getting there.

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