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    Welcome to my life

    So yesterday I met up with Lisa in town for a good few hours, drinking lots of bubble tea and catching up with her. We decided to do a little walking from Cineleisure to Taka and something just had to happen to me. You know how all the birds start chirping everywhere in Orchard when night falls. Rawr, public nuisance. So while walking along the streets of Orchard, I suddenly felt something splatter on my toes. IT WAS BIRD SHIT. Gross bird shit. Lisa decided to search my bag for my camera and started taking pictures of my misfortune.

    Oh yes I had bird shit all over my Aldo sandal.

    All the onlookers walking past.

    Made my way to the nearest toilet to wash my foot and sandal clean. Ugh.

    Very unglam I know.

    After all that panic frenzy and unglamness, keep calm and stay pretty. *starts digging makeup*

    Life goes on!

    This isn’t the first time I’ve kena-ed bird droppings on me. The other time I met Lisa, the same thing happened to me also. Haha she is too used to all sorts of weird things happening to me already. Okay whatever, my life is gonna get better! 😀 *positive thinking*

    Gonna be out today for FYP meeting and I have a lot of things lined up this week, it doesn’t feel like holidays at all. The clock is ticking and school is starting in less than 2 weeks’ time, I really can’t wait to graduate.

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