As the title states, I went to Daiso Vivo City last Saturday and spent 40 over dollars on many things 😀 hehe, most of them are cosmetic stuff and I loveeee them.

Before shopping, Roy and I had lunch at HarbourFront Hawker Centre. There is apparently some famous Malay Chicken Rice stall.

My Ayam Penyet that costs only $4.50.

Yumyum, big piece of drumstick.

They had two tubs full of crumbs that everybody loves while eating Ayam Penyet. I conveniently helped myself to a scoop of crunchiness!

Look at what the uncle on the right is doing hahaha.

I was at Topshop and Forever 21 but walked out empty handed even after a few rounds in the stores so I was really sad that I couldn’t buy anything and decided to head to Daiso. Daiso sells some of the nicest looking stuff around and I wanna share with you guys!

Here are the cosmetics-related things I bought from Daiso, all pinky and pretty :) Pink is my favourite colour and most of my belongings are pink – My iPhone, my watch, my mouse, my laptop, my wallet, etc. My room walls are also pink. And my bedsheets are always pink too!

The cosmetics-related products I got from Daiso.

Okay please pardon my real lashes in the above picture because I didn’t curl them or apply mascara. Hehe it’s just me being lazy. I bought this pair of falsies randomly a long time ago and I can’t believe they actually are my current favourite falsies because they’re so comfortable to wear! I’m a falsies noob and I don’t know much about falsies but all I know is I love this pair! And guess what, they are always sold out ZOMG! Wait, why did I only buy one box of it? *stabs self*

In this photo, I was also wearing the above fake eyelashes :) Looks quite natural right?

I also got myself some lower eye lashes but I think I’ll look weird in them. I’m not too sure if the falsies at the bottom of the picture are meant to be demi-lashes or what but I’ll just treat them as they are. I think they make great demi-lashes and are good for casual day outs or first dates! They’re natural looking and aren’t too over the top. *bats eye lashes*

Can you guess what these pretty containers are for? Let me assure you they are extremely useful, unlike the rest of the random the things you buy from Daiso and chuck them aside without using. They are… Fake eyelashes cases!! OMG so freaking pretty and cheap right? My pictures don’t do them justice, they are a bit glittery 😀 Who doesn’t love pink and glitter? I think they quite resemble Anna Sui’s designs. These were one of my best finds there because I’ve been dying to get storage for my fake lashes, especially small ones since I might have to bring them out for photoshoots and keep them when I decide to have them removed after the shoots.

Oh yes they come with mirrors in the insides. Need I say more?

The bigger one is to store more eyes lashes at home instead of having them stacked in their original boxes of different sizes. However, the compartment is made to only accommodate 4 pairs of falsies, I think I’ll improvise and stuff ALL my falsies inside. Otherwise, I’ll just buy another few more containers. HEY IT’S ONLY $2! They have it in black and also in pastel pink with floral designs.

Hoho also randomly bought a small handbag I can carry around for lunch and place it on dirty/oily tables outside. This way my wallet and phone will be well protected from the yikey stuff on the tables. I brought this to the office on Monday and Hanisa was like “omg so cute I want it too!” hee I know it’s too cute to resist.

Jang jang! I’ve been looking for such plastic drawers storage for a long time. And this comes in the perfect size, it is slightly wider. I’ll place them on my cosmetic shelves and keep those mascaras and falsies. Might also consider buying them for my messy table to store my scrapbooking stuff. My attempts to keep my things neat and tidy always fail but… it never hurts to try, right?

Yay these are the stuff that I wanted to let yall know are worth buying. Hope you find this post useful if you’re looking for storage :) I’ll be out for an event today, good luck to me! And also, happy mid week girls!

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