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    What’s in my makeup pouch?

    How’s everyone doing? 🙂 I’ve decided to write a post about what’s in my makeup pouch since many friends and people have been asking what kind of cosmetics I use, etc.

    My makeup pouch was bought in a random store back in LA, it was USD 8.90 and was the only one left. I had to get it! It looks a bit worn out now but it really is pretty sturdy. Please be warned for a long entry ahead, I have many tips and tricks written below. Oh and maybe a giveaway too!!

    1) I shall first start from my concealer, I use a MAC Moisturecover concealer in NC35. And yes I am quite tanned in real life. I have been using this concealer for about a year now, and it covers my imperfections quite well.

    I use it over my eyebags, dark eye circles and pimples with a MAC blending brush 217. Sometimes I use a triangle sponge from Daiso. It doesn’t feel too thick or sticky (maybe except when you store it for a very long time). The best thing is it blends quite perfectly together with my skin, I can just wear the concealer and head out with a flawless complexion!

    2) I use a Chanel Mat Lumiere powder foundation in 60 SECRET. I have no problems with this foundation at all, if there is one thing I’m unhappy about is that it doesn’t seem to be finishing anytime soon!

    I have been using the same foundation for close to 2 years now and it looks only half-used. I think I can carry on using it for another year but the average shelf life of a foundation is 2 years so I guess it’s time to chuck it in the bin and get a new box! I’m thinking of switching to a liquid foundation since my friend said I can skip the concealer step and liquid foundation is enough to cover my skin imperfections (I hope!). Does anyone have any brand to recommend? I’m looking at something that doesn’t make my skin oily at the end of the day. I’m thinking of Lancome but am keeping my options open! Otherwise, I might just switch to a Chanel liquid foundation.

    3) Okay here’s the long part. I’ve had a lot of people asking about my blusher. The colour of my cheeks are made up of 2 different colours.

    – I first brush my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin with some MAC Mineral Finish in Medium Dark, focusing on my cheeks.

    -Then I’ll brush on MAC Blush in Melba (I swear this colour is PERFECT FOR ANYONE, TANNED OR FAIR!) on my cheeks and a little on my nose. It is peachy with orange undertones – instantly makes any pale looking person look healthy.

    4) For contouring, I use an Ecotool brush or a random brush from Sasa and dab some MAC Bronzer in Bronze starting from the front of my eyebrows to my nose bridge and downwards to the tip of my nose.

    Blend it nicely, and then use an angled brush from H&M (don’t buy it, it sucks.) and brush the same Bronzer on the hollow of my cheeks and the outer sides of my face.

    5) For my eyes, I use Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner omg this is the best eyeliner I’ve ever used.

    I don’t wear thick eyeliner, I usually draw a thin line with a wink at the end. On days when I have photoshoot I’ll just go over it a few times so it becomes thicker. This eyeliner is ultra good, it is water proof and smudge proof. It is easily removable by normal makeup removers as well. Best eyeliner I’ve used! It costs about $19.90 at Watsons, which is where I always buy from. The other day there was a promotion, Buy 2 get 1 free so I now have 3 of them sitting on my makeup shelf. Btw, you can get it in Malaysia at a much cheaper price, it’s RM23.90 only.

    6) Last but not least, I use MAC Lipstick in Twig to complete my whole look!

    Honestly it was really hard for me to find the perfect colour for my lips because I’m very tanned. But I found it after trying on a gazillion colours at a MAC store in LA. Puuuurfect!

    Yep these are what I currently have in my makeup pouch and what I wear when I head out. I usually just stick to them, I have a whole lot more of cosmetics lying around on my makeup shelf, especially mascaras and I haven’t had the time to use them. Might give them away before they dry up, yay or nay friends?

    Stay tuned for my next blogpost, I’ll write about the contact lenses that I’ve worn and am wearing now^^

    P/s: Sorry for the photos because I took them in a rush because I’m heading out for a shoot right after I publish this post! Will be back with MORE AWESOME PICTURES!

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