Today I’ll be sharing where to get free samples in singapore. :) I’ve been receiving lots of free samples lately, some of which I signed up for, and some that just randomly surprised me at my doorstep. The best thing about samples is that you get to try the products before deciding to buy a particular product. And you’ll know if the product works for you. For e.g. there were a few times I purchsed a skincare product and then later realised that my skin broke out in pimples or rash. 1) Not a good experience 2) You’ve spent money on the product already. So you won’t want your money to go to waste. Sooooo, get free samples!

Samples are available almost everywhere. Sometimes brands hire female ambassadors to give out samples on the streets. The next time a girl stretches her arm out to you, don’t pass it off as useless flyers. They just might be samples of the latest beauty products! Also, you can get samples if you buy certain magazines. The other day I bought Cleo and it came with the latest Biore Jelly Makeup Remover. And thanks to the sample, I tried it and I love it! I just bought myself a bottle of Biore Jelly Makeup Remover two weeks ago. :) Do keep a lookout for free samples that come with magazines!

I’m rotting in my boyfriend’s office and instead of studying for my upcoming mid-terms, I am compiling a list of websites you can get free samples from! Here it is, girls! Enjoy! Click on the link below each image to redeem your free sample!

Last updated: 4th Feb 2014

CAFE21 Free Sample

Get your FREE Cafe21 Sample here!

Vaseline free sample

Get your free Vaseline Sample here!

bioessence sample

Get your Free Bioessence Royal Jelly Sample here!


Get your Free Natural Aqua Gel Cure Sample Now!!


Get your Free Biothem 3 Step Regime sample now!!

Get free Poise Sample now!

Get free Hada Labo Sample now!


Get free Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Sample now!


Click to redeem your Free Cetaphil Daily Advance Hydrating Lotion now!


Get your Free L’Oreal RevitaLift Laser X3 Sample now! 


Get free Acnes Medicated Skincare Sample now!


Get free Laurier Sample now!

Get free Organix Sample now!

Get free Lipice Sample now!

Let me know of any links don’t work. And if you know of any other brands that are giving free samples online, do drop me an email so I can share with all the other girls out there! :) Sharing is caring hehe!

Last updated: 4th Feb 2014


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