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    Year 4… really?!?

    Today was my first day as a year 4. My day first started out with me staring at the computer screen, panicking over which course to prioritize for add/drop, and then waiting for the mac clock counting down seconds to 10:00:00, adding my modules, getting ready and cabbing to school. I didn’t intend to cab, I was late because I didn’t want to be adding my modules while on the train and worrying about the unsteady internet connection from my iPhone. What if I didn’t get a seat? Then I’ll be holding my heavy laptop on one hand and navigating on it with another. So it was better I stayed at home… but my home Internet just decided to fail on me. It took me forever to load the pages. Thankfully I still managed to add the courses. Just gotta wait for the results to be out at 10pm tonight. Don’t like how the new system is now. Oh gosh am I finally starting to sound like a college student? I haven’t been in school for almost 8 months. 8 long months of not being a student, gotta try to readjust my lifestyle again.

    Now that school has started, I have to figure how to juggle my studies and part-time jobs (blogshop modelling, events, reviews) together. Of course, studies comes first place on top of anything else. Gonna have to plan my schedule carefully now.

    Two more semesters till I can finally call myself a university graduate! *hopefully* 🙂

    How time flies! I remember attending school two weeks later than everyone (no I am not an appeal student), feeling lost about adding and dropping modules, still brooding over my lost and not knowing everyone three years ago. I couldn’t locate my lectures and tutorials; I could spend up to one or two hours walking around the whole NTU campus trying to find the various venues. Yeah the only word that I can use to describe me then is lost.

    Hahah you know what, my friends and I spent quite a while locating a lecture within our faculty building this afternoon. Hurhur, call us year 4s. So after 3 years in school, I guess I’m still quite lost. I don’t know, I just can’t wait for this to be over.

    I just need to have faith and keep believing.

    Yes they will:)

    P/s: I recently went to stock up my Daiso eyelashes and got new beauty products from Watsons! Can’t wait to try them all and share with you girls!

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