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    Easy way to kill a cockroach!

    HAHA I know this is so random and unlike of me to have such posts but I want to share a tip to killing cockroaches! Quite some time ago, cockroaches started to appear at random corners of my house. More noticeably, the kitchen and the toilet. BUT THEY DO COME TO MY ROOM TOO OH GOSH. Roy just killed a cockroach in the toilet with my awesome trick so hooray!:D That also explains why I am here blogging and feeling triumphant about killing a pest that is a thousand times smaller than my body.

    One fine day I went crazy because there was a cockroach in my room which I didn’t know how to get rid of other than spraying a massive amount of Baygon. So I immediately went to Google how to kill a cockroach. Then search results taught me how to set up traps, spraying with insecticide (I hate the smell!), etc. The most effective way I tried and tested? USING DETERGENT/SOAP.

    (p/s: I specifically googled “Cute Cockroach” so I don’t have to add a real gross picture of a cockroach. I’m sure we know how it looks like.) Okay actually if a roach was this cute, I won’t mind keeping it as a pet.

    Here is what to do, or what I always get Roy to do when I spot a cockroach:

    1) Keep calm and run for the detergent

    2) Pass it to Roy LOL. In your case, your boyfriend/dad/brave sister or do it yourself.

    3) Aim it at the cockroach

    4) Start pumping the detergent onto its body

    It will try to run and escape but just spray a little more detergent. The roach will flip on its back and die. Yes it dies. I like to stare at the cockroach as it flips over and struggles, I’d be thinking “die, you bitch!”

    I am not kidding. I read that the belly of a cockroach is acidic, so if you were to spray alkaline on its body, neutralisation will take place and the cockroach will be dead in no time. Another article I read said the layer of soap will form a barrier on the cockroach’s body so it can’t breathe. Not sure how valid that is but you can refer to some articles here and here.

    All you need to do, is to get a bottle of detergent or body soap. If you want, you can mix the detergent with some water and keep it in a spray bottle. I usually just use Lifebuoy Liquid Body Soap. Hey it’s antibacterial, it’s gonna kill all those germs on the roach!

    I just tried with a baby wash today because I bought it thinking it smells nice. It isn’t as effective and quick as Lifebuoy. So I guess it being antibacterial does play an important role in eliminating germs and cockroaches! Alternatively, you can always try Dettol, heh.

    This isn’t a long-term solution and does not kill the eggs or prevent cockroaches from entering your house. But it sure does kill a cockroach within a minute or two! BEATS CRAZILY SPRAYING BAYGON EVERYWHERE AND STINKING YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE. And mind you, the unpleasant pesticide smell can linger in your house for a few days. Imagine all your clothes smelling of Baygon, or even the food that you eat. Eew.

    Fun Facts about Cockroaches:

    1) They don’t drown easily and can survive underwater for more than 30 minutes.

    2) Cockroaches have a much higher resistance to nuclear radiation than humans.

    3) A roach can survive without its head for several weeks.

    4) They can go without food for a month!

    The next time you spot that ugly brown pest in your house, you know what to do! 😉

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