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  • Photoshoot Studio Aries - 5

    iSnap – Take your selfie photoshoots here!

    Have you always wanted to take your own couple photoshoot or family photoshoot at the studio but are worried about feeling awkward with the photographers around? iSnap – The Selfie Place is here to offer us private rooms where we can take happy and fun photoshoots comfortably with professional photography equipment!

    iSnap is conveniently located at Bugis, just right opposite Bugis MRT Station. Look out for landmarks below and you will be on the right away to iSnap – The Selfie Place!

    Photoshoot Studio - 1

    Photoshoot Studio - 2

    Photoshoot Studio - 3

    Upon reaching iSnap, I found the place every spacious, comfortable and they have lots of costumers & props for us to choose from.

    Photoshoot Studio iSnap - 4  iSnap - 5

    You may select your desired costumes (any that you want, unlimited!). They range from onesies, Star Wars, cute animals, Japanese costumes, Korean Costumes, etc.iSnap - 6 iSnap - 7 iSnap - 8

    Lots of props and accessories to go with!iSnap - 9 iSnap - 10   iSnap - 2 iSnap - 3

    We are were allowed to try 4 out of 6 individual rooms so I’ll show you guys roughly what kind of themes they have in the various studios!

    In Aries, which is their premium studio, there’s a sturdy bench which is super cool and suitable for garden themed photoshoots.

    iSnap - 4
    Photoshoot Studio Aries - 2

    And now we’re ready for our photoshoot! We were left to ourselves and a handy sized remote controller where we could click for the camera to snap once we had fixed our poses.Photoshoot Studio Aries - 3

    Roy was actually holding the remote controller in his hands, can you tell?!? NO RIGHT!Photoshoot Studio Aries - 4 Photoshoot Studio Aries - 5

    Photoshoot Studio Aries - 6

    When we were done with the bench photoshoot, we requested for a change of background. We chose this vintage looking background and went to choose our accessories to suit the theme.

    Photoshoot Studio Aries - 1Photoshoot Studio Aries - 7

    How’s it? I chose a circle sun glasses and got a vintage bow-tie for Roy hahaha. Not bad hor?Photoshoot Studio Aries - 8 Photoshoot Studio Aries - 9We wanted to showcase the funny side of us so please expect to see more funny stuff as you scroll down.

    The next room was Leo where they had more whimsical looking backdrops for us to try.

    Photoshoot Studio Leo - 1
    Roy  and my height difference is apparent hahaha.
    Photoshoot Studio Leo - 2

    So I made him princess carry me instead!Photoshoot Studio Leo - 3 Photoshoot Studio Leo - 4

    All of the photos taken were by ourselves with the remove controller in our hands. 😀 Can’t tell at all right?

    Photoshoot Studio Leo - 5

    Told you we had lots of fun choosing the props hahah.Photoshoot Studio Leo - 6

    After we were done with the Leo room, we went on to Capricorn room. I think this room is more suitable for family photoshoot with kids. I’m sure the young ones will like this place!

    Photoshoot Studio Capricon - 1

    We put on the onesies and had a ball of time there! It was both our first times wearing onesies hahah. Had so much fun prancing around the studio without being judged because the room’s private! hehehe.Photoshoot Studio Capricon - 2

    Roy decided to use his dino tail to whack me suddenly. :@ As this was a random shot, you can see that Roy was holding the controller in his hands cos he forgot to hide it!Photoshoot Studio Capricon - 3

    And so he later became my prey when I turned into a tiger.Photoshoot Studio Capricon - 4 Photoshoot Studio Capricon - 5

    Found a pretty kimono and had to wear it!!! Photoshoot Studio Capricon - 6

    No idea why we were strolling in the forest in our Japanese outfits hahaha.

    The last room we had for the day was Aquarius.

     Photoshoot Studio Aries - 2

    Here I was posing for my photo where I could see myself real time on a screen and preparing to press the remote controller!

    Photoshoot Studio Aries - 6

    Photoshoot Studio Aries - 1

    Change of background!

    Photoshoot Studio Aries - 3

    We were transported to London in the evening. Photoshoot Studio Aries - 4 Photoshoot Studio Aries - 5

    Ahhh we had so much fun spending our afternoon at iSnap The Selfie Place! iSnap is the first company in Singapore to introduce such a concept and I find it very creative and interesting. All photos  were taken with professional equipment like DSLR camera and studio lighting. There are a total of 24 different themes for you to choose from. The best part of it all, we could keep ALL the photos that we took! Including all the funny behind the scenes! There is no limit to select only a certain number of photos. How awesome is that?!

    iSnap - 13

    Thank you iSnap for having us! We really enjoyed ourselves!

    To find out more, do visit their website http://www.isnap.sg and their Facebook page: iSnap The Selfie Place here!


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