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    Mask to buy in Taiwan – VINATA SAKE YEAST MASK

    By now, I don’t think it comes as a surprise to many of you girls that I’m a freaking mask hoarder! I have masks from different countries I’ve been to and am always open to trying new ones.

    Mask to buy in Taiwan

    Here’s sharing a Taiwanese brand I’ve recently tried named VINATA. The company has dedicated over a hundred years in extraction of sake yeast, which is the main component of the masks they produce.

    The pink packaging is the Sake Kasu & Hyaluronate Moisture system mask that helps to restore hydration and keeps the skin smooth throughout the day.

    The blue packaging is the Sake Kasu and Vitamin Skin mask, which helps to brighten your skin and restore radiance.

    Their masks contain high volume of minerals, vitamins, activated yeast and peptides, etc, that help to promote healthy skin growth.

    If you’re a long term reader of my blog, you would know I have extremely dry and sensitive skin so I usually reach out for moisturizing masks! It’s a MUST for me. My skin is so dry that it flakes without enough hydration. I can even apply night cream for day use. That’s how thirsty my skin can get. 🙁

    First impression of the mask is that the essence isn’t too watery that it drips around and causes a mess. Phew!

    When I first used the mask, I was worried that it might not fit my small Asian face. I know of many masks (manufactured by Asian brands) that are still too big for me. Luckily, this fits well!

    See the fit? It’s pretty good right! Got all the areas covered and isn’t wayyyy too big for me.

    I usually put on my mask for 15 minutes and start chatting with my girlfriends. This is real life story ok! My girls and I always report what we are doing in the groupchat lolol. And that even includes our daily toilet runs hahah!


    Hooray. 15 minutes of masking is done! Time to remove it and pat the essence into my skin and my neck too. Don’t neglect your neck ladies!

    I’m really pleased with the results because the VINATA Sake Yeast Moisturising mask really delivered what it promises to. My skin was definitely hydrated (you can tell from this picture! So supple looking hehe.) and the best part that I didn’t expect at all was.. MY FACE FELT FIRM! There was a bit of tightness but not dryness. I guess it helped lift up my ageing skin too. (I’m nearing 30s so yes I’m ageing ok.)

    So very pleased that I recommended this mask to my sister and offered her some to use!

    Don’t forget to add this into your shopping bag the next time you’re in Taiwan or when your friends are there! You may purchase VINATA masks from the link below:





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