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    My new hair: ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu

    Hello girls! Some of you might have already found out from my Instagram account (@urbandollsg, follow me if you haven’t!) that I chopped off my hair! I’m excited to welcome my new hair sponsor, Shunji Matsuo!


    As you all know, I dip-dyed my hair a couple of times. And that means I had to bleach my hair. In total, I bleached my hair TWICE. The first time was in April last year by a friend, and then the second time I went to dip dye HALF of my entire hair length for an advertisement. So my hair was completely gone.


    Take a look at my fried damaged hair. The bleached parts weren’t even at all. shunjimatsuo-2

    Damaged. Damaged. Damaged.


    So I paid a visit to ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu at Far East Plaza, it’s just beside Blogshopping! shunjimatsuo-6

    My hair stylist, Simon, assessing my then hair condition. My hair was really heavy and terribly damaged. shunjimatsuo-7


    Lydia accompanied me throughout my hair treatment OMG! SOO nice of her okay because we sat there for 5 long hours. I owe you one babe!!


    I pity my hair stylist’s assistant because he had to comb through my thick messy hair.  :/ Rarely do I comb my hair because I was told it would ruin my curls. shunjimatsuo-9

    Simon showing me some Japanese magazine for style references. The picture he showed me was what I wanted exactly. But my hair was too damaged to achieve that style so the only thing we could do first was to.. CUT and have healthy hair!shunjimatsuo-10

    And the cutting began.. The damaged parts had to be gone so my hair would be revived and healthy again! shunjimatsuo-11Snipping away~shunjimatsuo-12

    Most of the bleached parts were gone~

    And we proceeded to do the Cosme Cream Treatment.cosmecreamSo what the Cosme Cream treatment does to your hair is to soften your hair, straighten it and revive it at the same time. It’s like rebonding but you know rebonding give you extremely straight and rigid looking hair? Cosme Cream gives you soft and silky hair! The results are miraculous!

    Here’s the problem with my hair.. On the outside it looks super straight, but inside my thick mane, my (unbleached) hair looked like this:


    Haha I drew this lol. Okay so this was how my hair inside looked like. I call this the “pubic hair”. I would tell my friends, “omg my hair damn frizzy. I have pubic hair growing on my head.” -.- HAHA k I’m damn gross.


    I had cling wrap on my head!!


    After a few long hours, the cream was washed off. Felt good to have people blowing my hair for me. I blow-dry my hair everyday and it really is SUPER tiring.shunjimatsuo-15 shunjimatsuo-16


    shunjimatsuo-17 shunjimatsuo-18

    The ends are slightly curled to create a soft bouncy effect. shunjimatsuo-19

    Jang jang!! Nice?

    What is a blogpost without some camwhoring?shunjimatsuo-23 shunjimatsuo-24 shunjimatsuo-25

    I made another trip down to the salon to dye my hair because it wasn’t recommended to do a few chemical services at one go.


    The colour is not as bright in real life but I LOVEEE this hair!!shunjimatsuo-27

    The curls done here are not permanent, I’ll have them done on my next visit!!shunjimatsuo-28 shunjimatsuo-29 shunjimatsuo-30 shunjimatsuo-31

    Simon and me. Simon’s a really nice and gentle hair stylist. He knows exactly what is wrong and fixes it. shunjimatsuo-32

    XIEXIE Simon!!


    Here’s the price guide for the hair services 🙂



    Thank you ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu at Far East Plaza!
    Check out ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu Far East Plaza Facebook page!

    And Shunji Matsuo’s Website!

    I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu

    Far East Plaza #01-35, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213

    Tel: 6737 5311

    Thank you guys for having me and I can’t wait to get my next hair treatment! 🙂


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  • Reply Guest

    Hi may I know what are the curls called? Like what kind of curl is it. Thanks 🙂

    July 25, 2013 at 7:25 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hello!! Idk what the curls are called actually. My hair stylist, Simon, just did it for me. I think it’s something like Japanese or Korean curls. If you are going to Simon, just tell him you want my hair.. He should know!:D

      July 27, 2013 at 4:00 pm
  • Reply Shunji Matsuo Hair Treatment Giveaway! |

    […] (from long frizzy fried/bleached/dip-dyed hair, please refer to my previous post where I did the Cosme Cream Treatment at ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu at Far East Plaza). From then till now, of course, I definitely have been making sure my […]

    July 30, 2013 at 12:00 am
  • Reply mira

    Hi, do you know how long does the cosme cream rebonding effect lasts?

    September 11, 2013 at 11:43 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hi Mira, for me it has lasted for about 4-5 months and counting. I think it really depends on your own natural hair. If your hair is really curly, then I wouldn’t advise to do cosme cream treatment.

      September 13, 2013 at 1:43 am
  • Reply Inaa

    Hi there can i know the total price that you had to pay for cutting hair, dye hair and the cosme cream treatment? Thanksyou(;

    September 18, 2013 at 11:30 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hi Inaa, I’m not too sure about the pricing as I was sponsored by them. If I’m not wrong, the cosme cream treatment could go up to $300. ^^

      November 11, 2013 at 12:39 am

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