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    Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo – Microsculpting Cream and Miracle Youth Pre-Essence

    In recent years, I find myself facing pigmentation problems, sagging cheeks and smile lines on my face. It never was a problem for me a few years back but I guess time waits for no man. The clock is ticking and my body is no longer as agile, active and youthful as before. In the midst of my quest in maintaining my youth and fighting against the perils of ageing, I prefer products that give me plumper skin, greater elasticity and smoothness. Hence, I’m happy to adopt the Olay Miracle Duo into my skincare routine.

    Admittedly, I do look younger than my actual age (26) but a close up analysis of my skin in real life can tell you I’m definitely no longer in my teens. While I believe in keeping a healthy lifestyle and staying happy from within do help in my physical appearance, there is one thing I will never miss before I sleep. It’s my skincare routine. I believe a good skincare routine can take you far and enhance youthfulness when you grow older.

    The Olay Miracle Duo consists of the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Pre-Essence and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. A research online easily on Google will show you tones of testimonials across the globe about what people have to say about Olay and their anti-ageing products. There is no doubt Olay has gained a strong foothold in the industry.


    The powerful Olay Miracle Boost Pre-Essence is to be used after cleansing and toning. With the light sheer texture, it enhances the penetration of key actives into your skin. The first drop helps to start the renewal of a million skin cells.

    Honestly, the term skin cells didn’t use to matter to me but now it does, a lot!!!! Because these new skin cells replace the old dead skin, repair your damaged surfaces (scars) and help in improving the elasticity of your skin.



    Simply twist to unlock the cap and automatically draw product into the dropper. Press the pump button dispense 2 pump dosage on your hands.


    What I love most about this product is that it’s light weight and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on the skin. The fragrance is also pleasing to my nose, not too overwhelming. I rarely like product fragrances because they do irritate my nose.
    For ideal results, apply the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to boost renewal of surface cells and benefit from two times more anti-aging active penetration into the skin.


    As some of you may know, my skin is a lot more problematic than you see. On the surface it looks free of pimples and scars. But on the inside, it’s really dry!!! Some days, my skin gets itchy, red and flaky. So a product that provide intense hydration for me is a must.

    With its rich and luxurious texture, the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream helps to keep my itchy skin at bay by providing ample moisture. At the same time, it also helps to firm up my cheeks. I have fuller (aka fat) cheeks and I hate to admit but my cheeks are really starting to sag. 🙁


    The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is Olay’s most advanced and award-winning best selling Regenerist anti-ageing cream. It is the result of over 50 years of Olay research to lift and firm your skin.olay-micro-sculpting-cream-2

    The Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream aims to help in:
    1) Renewal of skin surface layers for smooth texture and refined pores
    2) Reduction of lines and wrinkles with moisturisation
    3) Hydration to help plump and firm skin

    How does it help in the above?
    It is formulated with the most concentrated Amino-peptide Complex that helps to renew skin surface cells. The Olive-oil extract (OliveM) also helps in hydration and fighting against antioxidants.

    Using my fingertips, I massage the cream on different parts on my face in an upward circular motion. The areas I usually focus more on are my forehead and my cheeks because they need a lot of firming!

    I’m even thinking of buying a face massager to help in firming my cheeks!!!

    After using the Olay Miracle Duo series, I woke up to improved texture and reduced pores. There is no way we can turn time around but we can help prolong our youthfulness by having a good lifestyle and maintaining a skincare regime.

    Get your own Miracle Duo from any Guardian / Watsons stores or online here!

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