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    Sick cat

    OHAIII guys, I’ve fallen sick again. 🙁 What’s new right. Must have been over-exhaustion from school, work and clubbing. I went partying at Attica and Zirca with my girls from dance class on Wednesday night. It was an impromptu decision and I love random outings like this! hehe let’s have more random sessions!

    We didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t wanna dance with the camera in my hand and risk dropping it onto the dancefloor. This is the only picture I have,

    Teresa (who so happens to look like Atiqah) and me. So unflattering!

    But I’m sure we all had a great time! 😀 Except that I was really dead the next day and had to drag myself out for a photoshoot. And then I officially fell sick on Friday. The worse thing was I had a presentation due on Friday afternoon. Thankfully I didn’t have to present. Thank you my groupmates :’) I left for home halfway through class because I was dying. My sore throat was killing me and I couldn’t even speak. Visited the doctor, took my medicine and fell asleep when I reached home. I had a 14-hr long sleep.

    It sucks that I can’t be out this weekend or doing something more productive because I’m feeling restless and sick. And I’ve got a lot of things unchecked on my to-do list. This is worrying. I better start doing something, and planning. Ugh..

    Oh anyway, I’ve updated my portfolio page here. I was previously editing it and then left it incomplete. And then I realised a lot of people have been clicking on my portfolio link so I’d better update it ASAP. And yes, I’ve added new pictures inside. It’s kind of like gallery style, you can click to enlarge picture (there is a magnifying glass on the bottom right handside of each thumbnail) or click on the picture which will bring you to a page with all related pictures of the photoshoot! 🙂

    P/s: I’ve recently created a formspring account, you can follow me here or ask me questions!^^

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