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    Swee Choon Dim Sum!

    Was working for a fashion launch last Thursday and boy, it was amazing. It was my first time attending a fashion show with mannequin-like models parading on the runway. Actually, behind the stage, they are just like any one of us. While preparing for the show, I was observing them backstage and they were just talking to their friends/colleagues, using their phones or even watching videos on iPads. But when they were up on the runway, they were truly stunning. They made sure all the limelight is on them. Impressive 🙂 Also got to work with Yilin and had a great time working with her hehe. She’s genuinely kind and easy-going.

    Anyway, Roy picked me up after work and we had late dinner at Swee Choon Dim Sum hehe. Been craving for dim sum lately and so I suggested having dinner there. What I like most about Swee Choon is, it is open throughout the night! It is the best place to go for supper during the wee hours of the night. Brave yourselves for the dim sum galore ahead!

    Drunken Chicken in Shao Xing Wine – I love this! I’ll always order this whenever I dine there. The soft chicken meat is juicy and to die for!

    Yum yum and what is dim sum without Har Gao? The Har Gao skin is a little thin as you can see above, it was already broken when served to us. Delicious nonetheless!

    You cannot miss this when you’re at Swee Choon Dim Sum, really! I was first introduced to this Signature Mee Sua Kueh by Lin and the folks from Indiesin. The entire kuey is made with mee sua noodles and has bits and pieces of dried shrimps, shallots and veggies (very little amount, for the veggies-haters). It is fried to perfection and is very crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Don’t belittle its humble appearance!

    XLB makes everyone happy, no? 😀

    Oh what are those baos!

    Salted Egg Yolk Bun aka Liu Sha Bao hehe oozing all that goodness!

    Fried Prawn Dumplings! Roy told me he wanted to eat “the prawn dumpling” so I ordered this but he actually meant Beancurd Prawn Roll. The generous prawn fillings and the crispy wanton skin.. hmmm~  Anyway if you are there, do remember to try to Beancurd Prawn Roll!

    Ah bad hair day.

    Drinking tea, I’ll always order either Xiang Pian (Jasmine) or Chrysanthemum! ^^

    The boyfriend in his new Topman shirt.

    The bill worked out to about $25, pretty affordable for dimsum! 🙂

    Maybe it’s just my Cantonese blood but I really love Dim Sum! My Dad used to bring my family to Geylang’s 126 and I remember being very excited whenever my Dad told us he was bringing us out to dim sum at night. So dim sum reminds me a lot of my happy moments with my family when I was young :’) Not that we’re not a happy family now haha, we still are of course! Just that we are all busy with our own lives and too busy to even have dinner together 🙁

    Swee Choon Dim Sum is located at:

    191 Jalan Besar Singapore 208882

    Operating Hours:
    Monday – Sunday: 6pm – 6am (Closed on Tuesdays)

    You probably may have to queue for a while, 20 minutes max! Their staff are quite efficient and they have chairs outside for people who are queueing. 🙂

    Hello September, you’ll be great!

    It has been five months since I’ve had this blog and I am really grateful to my boyfriend who started this website for me. Haha actually he was the one who asked me to set up a blog where people can know more about me, etc. This is also where I share about my life, friends, food, relationship, makeup, blahblah. From a few readers to a steady increase of visitors, xiexie the boyfriend and thank you for reading this, even if you’re my friend or a stranger who randomly chanced upon my website, or even a stalker from Facebook. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for clicking on my link. I know I don’t write intellectual stuff or politics or emo posts, because I just don’t want to. 1) I am not smart enough haha. 2) I don’t like politics.  3) I am not a very emo person, I don’t have serious relationship problems to deal with often. I am glad the worst is over already. I mean, different bloggers have different target audience right?  Of course if you want to read about my love stories, I have lots of shit to share with you. I really do. I have seen through the worst lies and cried the most tears over a bastard. Yep maybe one day, just one day I’ll share it with y’all.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! I’ll be busy with school and work as usual. Ciao! xx

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